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Renovation & Design Articles

  • Holiday decorating need not be over the top

    Holiday decorating need not be over the top

    Shopping malls are decorated, wish lists are growing and children are trying their hardest to be at their best. The holiday season is drawing to a close and Home Hardware, through it's Beauti-Tone Paint Division, has project ideas to help. "The holiday season is the perfect time to throw understated to the . . .

    December 20, 2014

  • End sewage smells through process of elimination

    End sewage smells through process of elimination

    Questions: We live in a rural area and have a well, septic tank, effluent pump and septic field. The house is a 1, 400-square-foot bungalow with a partly finished basement. We have a strong sewer smell coming from the laundry room downstairs. There does not appear to be any "liquid" . . .

    December 20, 2014

  • Now we're cooking

    Colleen Zacharias on outdoor ovens
    Now we're cooking

    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose... This holiday season, a growing number of outdoor cooking enthusiasts may be humming the lyrics to this classic song composed in 1946 by Mel Torme and Robert Wells, as they prepare delectable dishes in their newly acquired pizza ovens . . .

    December 20, 2014

  • Tough on crime

    Safety screen thwarts criminals, prevents falls
    Tough on crime

    Renovating is an advantageous time to upgrade the safety features of your living space to help prevent break-ins, home invasions, serious injuries and, in some cases, death. Stan Bardal, president of Secure All Inc., has cutting-edge materials that will secure your house, condo or cottage against intruders and much more. One product . . .

    December 20, 2014

  • Weathering winter

    Tips to keep ice dams, frozen pipes and more at bay
    Weathering winter

    Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home. But even when winter does its worst feel confident that with the proper maintenance, you can make it right. Here are some of the biggest problems I see and a few things you can do about them. Roof -- ice damming: Typically the two . . .

    December 20, 2014

  • Man making amends sets giving in motion

    Man making amends sets giving in motion

    This being the age of electronic mail, traditional letter mail has almost become an afterthought. And with most correspondence being done through emails, hand-written letters are a rarity these days. It seems the only items that arrive in our mailboxes via the post office are bills, ads and (sigh) just outright . . .

    December 20, 2014

  • Proposed legislation would benefit consumers, renovators

    Last week, Consumer Protection Minister Ron Lemieux introduced legislation that will make renovations a more pleasant experience for consumers and contractors. Bill 14, known as the Consumer Protection Amendment Act (Home Improvement Contracts), mandates that every home renovation or improvement transaction must be preceded by a written contract. This allows the . . .

    December 13, 2014

  • Adequate tools essential in tree care

    I give numerous courses during the year, usually in the spring and the fall, to people who are interested in the care and pruning of trees. There are specialized tools that are useful to the property owner for working with trees and woody shrubs. The basic tools are hand pruners or . . .

    December 13, 2014

  • Bathroom exhaust fan critical to maintaining dry home

    Question: My daughter and her partner bought a River Heights bungalow last November. It has a bathroom that has a window in the shower wall and no fan in the bathroom. The plan is to eventually use this as a guest bathroom and build a nice new bathroom downstairs. However, . . .

    December 13, 2014

  • Treat yourself

    An inspired landscape design — the gift that keeps on giving
    Treat yourself

    Will 2015 be the year that your landscape undergoes a makeover or facelift? If you have ever declared, "Bah, humbug, " at the thought of investing in a landscape renovation, you have probably also wished at times for an attractive, functional landscape. One where you can relax in a space that . . .

    December 13, 2014