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Renovation & Design Articles

  • Less is MORE

    Gardens and flower beds with a small footprint and a big impact
    Less is MORE

    Size matters. A discussion of size, though, in the example of garden space, has less to do with overall dimensions and more to do with the same design principles that apply to any garden, big or small. Unity, texture, scale, and balance are all essential to achieving the vision for . . .

    October 3, 2015

  • Removing old grout best done with special tools

    Removing old grout best done with special tools

    QUESTION: The grout on the floor of my home entrance looks terrible. It is crumbling and impossible to clean. Is it possible to grout over of the existing grout or should I remove the tile and start over? Ken, WinnipegANSWER: Although it is not necessary to remove each tile . . .

    October 3, 2015

  • Professional interior designers do it right

    Saving time and stress are well worth the investment
    Professional interior designers do it right

    Hiring an experienced interior designer to plan your renovation may be the best investment you make. Designers are not just people who know where to place the furniture. They are educated individuals who, in many cases, work side-by-side with a contractor and crew to complete every aspect of your dream . . .

    October 3, 2015

  • Let your decor get a little rough around the edges

    Let your decor get a little rough around the edges

    A decor that's too perfect can be boring and static.Matching sets of furniture and lamps, clean and polished surfaces and everything in its place just doesn't leave room for drama or individuality.Yes, it's helpful manufacturers of home decor products try to help us with colour schemes and matching sets of . . .

    October 3, 2015

  • THE DEVIL is in the details

    Detailed renovation went off without a hitch... almost
    THE DEVIL is in the details

    Monica and Morgan Whiteway recently moved into their two-storey renovated home on Lyndale Avenue. We featured a preview of the renovation in November and Cory Kloos and Desmond Sweeney of Macanta Design Build Inc. started the construction last winter -- following an extensive design process. Kloos said he believes detailed . . .

    September 26, 2015

  • Stain and polyurethane mixture perfect for restoring veneer

    Stain and polyurethane mixture perfect for restoring veneer

    QUESTION: We have a very nice coffee table that isn't that old, but it isn't real wood. It is a shiny veneer. Somehow, it has some dull fingerprint smudges on it, maybe from lotion on hands. Is there any way to restore the shine and get rid of the smudges? . . .

    September 26, 2015

  • Autumn serenade

    Saying goodbye to your garden and hello to the inevitability of a Manitoba winter
    Autumn serenade

    You know the drill. Once fall arrives, it's time to clean up debris around plants, destroy any diseased plant material and be sure to water your beds deeply so plants aren't going into winter without adequate moisture. Containers, too, need to be emptied, cleaned and stored for the winter.The motivation . . .

    September 26, 2015

  • Apartment plumbing woes difficult to diagnose

    Question: I live in an eight-storey apartment building constructed in 1967 and reside on the sixth floor. Last fall I noticed the water in my toilet bowl would drain to just above the siphon jet hole whenever the tenants on the seventh or eighth floors flushed their toilets. Also, a . . .

    September 26, 2015

  • Magic carpets

    Artists take up rug design as permanence gives way to trend
    Magic carpets

    Though rug design and manufacturing is technically complex, involving decisions on knot count and materials, there are fewer factors people need to consider when buying one, says Ken Reid, senior marketing and merchandising manager for Jordans Rugs Ltd in B.C. "Size, colour, design and cost are the four big ones, . . .

    September 26, 2015

  • Removing popcorn ceilings safely

    Removing popcorn ceilings safely

    Popcorn or stucco ceilings, commonly installed in residences beginning in the 1950's, reached their peak of popularity in the late '70s. In 1978, ceiling stucco was banned in the U.S. because some of it contained asbestos, a proven carcinogen. Understandably, textured ceilings soon lost their appeal and designers introduced the . . .

    September 19, 2015