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CONNIE OLIVER: Simon Chang paints celebrate Canada

This particular colour palette, entitled Beauti and the East, encompasses colours from charming and picturesque fishing villages and fall tones found in the eastern seaboard's bays and gulfs.

Canadians are proud of their country and its gorgeous landscape. From east to west, each province has its own terrain and natural colour palette. Each season brings a new look and feel to our personal outdoor experience.

Fashion designer Simon Chang is paying homage to our diverse geography. With a background in photography and graphic design, Chang sees "beyond the walls" for a fresh approach to home decor. His exciting collection offers innovative options that complement one's own distinctive style and dial up the wow factor.

Home Hardware, through its Beauti-Tone Paint Division, today is launching a colourful tribute to the haute shades of Canada, the nation it proudly calls home. With 42 colours spread over six palettes, each one inspired by Canada's distinctive regional charms, the Simon Chang Oh Canada! Trend Colour Collection inspires Canadians to "Think Canadian. Paint Canadian." Each palette includes two of the hottest trend colours plus an additional five fashionable shades that have been specially created to work beautifully with the trend colours for a gorgeous home.

"This collection captures the beauty of the many regional aspects of our country as seen through the eyes of a fresh, original designer," says Bev Bell, creative director of Home Hardware's Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products division.

"From the runway to our living spaces, Simon has a joyous love for Canada's diversity and unity, and a fresh approach to the home environment. Together, this outlook inspires a range of colour that is purely Canadian," Bell says.

"Whether it is dressing or decorating, I like to create stylish and affordable designs that always bring the 'Wow' factor," Chang says. "This is exactly the same way we love to view colour in our homes."

Our feature photograph boasts colours from one of the six Canadian-inspired colour palettes in the new collection. This particular colour palette, entitled Beauti and the East, encompasses colours from charming and picturesque Ô¨Áshing villages and fall tones found in the eastern seaboard's bays and gulfs.

The gorgeous rust-orange feature-wall colour is called A Reel Find. It's great to see these new colours in an actual room. This dining room is scrumptious, textural, rich and inviting. The stunning feature wall not only boasts a beautiful, rich colour but also a salvage piece that truly makes the room. The rustic, rough-hewn doors with chunky details add an air of history and solidity to the room. This item is definitely a designer find and not something you'd run across in your daily life, but it does give one food for thought. The size and textural quality of the object is the main focus and could be replicated with other like items. An oversized mirror framed in barn board, a set of more common doors saved from the salvage bin, perhaps even louvred doors framed in a rustic wood. Notice this wall has accent lighting, which highlights the dark paint colour and the feature salvage item. Good lighting makes the difference.

The unusual touch of including a mirrored sideboard, chair splats and tabletop keeps this room light and airy and gives it a bit of an urban flavour. There is a lot of wood in this room, so adding in these lighter touches is a good idea. While a mirrored surface may not be to your taste, consider other ways in which to lighten up heavy wood furnishings. For example, the chair splats could be painted in a lighter colour or even covered with textured fabric for a less permanent change. A dark sideboard could be topped with a mirrored serving tray to help reflect accent pieces, rather than completely covered in a reflective finish.

The mix of old and new abounds in this lovely room. The lighting over the table is ultra-modern and is juxtaposed with an antique lamp on the sideboard. The vintage dining table in a warm, honey-toned wood set against the slick surface of the sideboard is an interesting mix and gives dated furniture a lift.

On a final note, Chang says this collection is not just for your walls! Create the perfect accent by giving a favourite piece of furniture or accessory new life with a new colour. For complete project instructions, go to . There are some really neat project ideas that are fun and easy.

The Simon Chang Oh Canada! Trend Colour Collection of Beauti-Tone paints is available exclusively at Home Hardware, Home Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre locations across Canada.

Spread a little Canadiana throughout your decor and cherish the country we call home. There is so much inspiration to be found from east to west and everywhere in between.


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