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From bleak to hotel chic in 5 steps

Create a hotel feel in a guest bedroom with lamps and a monochromatic colour scheme.

Holidays mean house guests, and if your spare room has turned into a storage room, this is the time to transform it into a chic guest room with a relaxing hotel feel. Benjamin Moore colour and design expert Sharon Grech, shares five tips:

Two options when choosing a bed

Rather than using your child's outgrown bunk bed in the guest room, one option is to invest in a comfortable mattress for the ultimate hotel look and feel. A pull out couch or trundle bed offers a comfy full-sized bed for sleeping, with a dual purpose as a lounge for the rest of the year. Layers and textures add warmth to a room, so plenty of blankets and pillows are a must. Keep them nearby in a closet, a pretty basket or drape a cozy throw over the bed for visual interest.

Light up the room with warmth

Lighting is key to creating an inviting, warm retreat and can dramatically alter the mood of a room. The insider secret to achieving that hotel feel is varying shades and washes of light. The effect is achieved with lamps positioned near the bed for night time reading and dimmers on overhead lights. Of course, having a few scented candles nearby instantly makes the room warm and inviting.

Create a striking backdrop with paint

There are two ways to colour the room for comfort. A monochromatic colour scheme of soft grey such as Benjamin Moore's Sea Haze, accented with cool lavenders or warm yellows like Queen's Wreath or Summer Solstice gives a calming feel. However a dramatic focal wall creates an impact and adds drama and depth to the room. Try a trendy teal like Blue Lake for an elegant statement.

Maximize corner space

The corners are typically wasted spaces in any room. Maximize these overlooked areas by creating a pocket space with a small table and chair for a work station, or a reading corner and private spot to retire before bed. Find a spot for a sleek silver tray with some sparkling water, a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers as a thoughtful and unexpected touch.

Final touches

Fluffy white towels, a bathrobe and a fully stocked bathroom brings hospitality home for your guests. Create a spa like feel in the bathroom by pairing soft, neutral colours that complement each other such as Iced Mauve and Gray Cashmere from Benjamin Moore.

By incorporating these five tips in your spare room, your guests may never want to leave. More images from this guest room makeover can be found on Twitter, @BenjaminMooreCA.


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