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Old trunk becomes coffee table

A flea market find can make a great accent piece.

Dear Marc: I found an old trunk at a flea market. It looks pretty old, I think it would make a great accent piece in my home. Where should I place it to get the best look? Beverly

Dear Beverly: Don't you just love antique hunting? It's one of those things where everything has such beauty, charm, and most importantly- history. Where did this trunk come from? It makes you wonder if it was part of a traveling show, or just used to store valuables.

I believe antiques have a special place in our homes, just as family memorabilia have a place in our hearts. They make great accents in our homes, and trunks specifically make fabulous coffee tables. They are sturdy and offer a hard surface for our favourite magazines and books. In a few simple steps, we'll transform your trunk into a trendy, industrial-looking coffee table.


- Trunk

- Four large caster wheels

- Nuts, bolts and washers

- Set of wrenches

- Drill with appropriate drill bit

Step 1: Flip the trunk upside down and drill holes in each corresponding corner to allow the bolts to hold the caster wheels in place.

Step 2: Align the caster wheels with the holes and pass the bolts through the holes and secure with a washer and nut

Step 3: Flip the trunk on its wheels and place it in your living room. Place a few select accessories on its surface and proudly display it for everyone to see.



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