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Valuable advice given at renovation show

Last week at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, numerous experts were on hand to share advice with thousands of Manitobans intent on doing a renovation to their home.

The Kitchen, Bath and Renovation Show featured hundreds of booths displaying fabulous products that would make any home look like a castle.

Guest speakers were on hand to help you turn tired into terrific.

Following are some highlights from various presenters and things that I learned over the weekend:

Andrew Downward taught us how to carry out the perfect paint job (Preparation, Preparation, Application). We learned about brush management, ensuring that walls remain smooth, the W method of using rollers and the importance of buying the right tape for the job.

He told us the greatest difficulty people have is deciding on colours and he had a wonderful suggestion for making the decision. He told us to look inside our clothes closets, or better yet our wives' clothes closets, as they have better colour co-ordination and see what colours we like and wear.

If these are our favourite colours to wear every day, then they are likely our favourite colours to paint our walls.

Michael Penney gave the crowd a number of handy pointers on how to turn small DIY projects into features and make walls and rooms stand out.

The simplest items such as cushion covers, framed hangings and table covers can bring life to otherwise plain surroundings.

He also gave sage career advice to young people about realizing and pursuing your passion and then turning it into a career.

Tony Teunis and Mike Kerr from All Canadian Renovations spoke of the importance of picking the right renovator, a RenoMark renovator, one who puts everything in writing, puts a warranty on their work and avoids the discount cash deal.

In other words, they spoke of hiring a qualified, ethical contractor and not just the pursuit of the cheapest price.

Finally, Mariel Hemingway shared many life lessons and the importance of a healthy lifestyle coupled with healthy products. Hers was a fascinating life story that appears to be one of happiness after many tragedies.

Now that we have all of this vital information, we will be able to expand it to our entire home and garden at the Home Expressions Show March 15-17 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

Mike Moore is president of the Manitoba Home Builders' Association.


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