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SOLUTIONS: Lose the lipstick on fur hat

QUESTION: Can you please tell me how to get lipstick out of a white rabbit-fur hat? Many thanks. Moira (Oakbank, Man.)

ANSWER: Get a hold of a bottle of waterless hand cleaner. It is available at hardware stores. The beauty of this product is that it does not require water (water may damage the fur) and it is made to cut through grease -- in other words, lipstick. Test the waterless hand cleaner on an inconspicuous area first before using it on the visible parts of your hat.

QUESTION: Would you know what we can use to remove a blue stain from a padded toilet seat? We just purchased the seat a couple of weeks ago. We're not sure what the blue is from but would appreciate any help you can give us. Thanks, Joan (Winnipeg)

ANSWER: The question that I am wondering is what caused the blue stain? If the stain is crayon or something sitting on the surface of the seat, you should be able to remove it with toothpaste, water and an old toothbrush. If the stain was caused by blue toilet cleaner, the seat is likely dyed and therefore not reversible.

QUESTION: We are travelling extensively through the United States and Canada, staying in hotels and motels. Is there a product that will not harm us that we can put in our suitcases and/or bedding that may guard against bedbugs? Thank you, Peter (Winnipeg)

ANSWER: Here are a few tips and effective ways to reduce the risk of bedbugs while travelling:

-- Do your homework. It's worth your time to go online and read hotel reviews. You can also call the hotel to make sure they are not currently battling a bedbug infestation. Don't assume that five-star hotels are free from bedbugs.

-- Use luggage racks set away from the walls instead of placing luggage directly on the bed.

-- Pack your travel items in sealed plastic bags. When you return home, freeze suspect items for at least two weeks.

-- After returning home and washing items, dry them on the highest heat possible.

-- If you're really worried about bedbugs, you can cover the hotel bed with a plastic cover. The idea behind this is that bedbugs will suffocate and die. This method is extreme, but if you sleep better at night it will be worth it.

Good night and don't let the bedbugs bite!

Fabulous tip of the week

-- An alternative to baking round pies: Roll pie crust onto a rectangle baking sheet. Add filling and cover with second pie crust. Bake as normal, let rest. Cut into squares.

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