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Sprucing up the house can be good exercise

For many years, I have been involved in the building and supplies business, mentoring people in home-repair services, home renovations and a home-services referral network -- not to mention many years in radio.

Most recently, I've been webcasting on the Internet, teaching the listening and viewing audience about the how-to, what-to, where-to, why-to, when-to and the who-to of home improvement.

One thing that popped up and met me head-on was my health and the fact I am not getting any younger.

Over the past half decade, I have been faced with a number of health challenges and now that I have reached 70, I want to improve my lifestyle, since I want to be able to continue writing articles such as this, doing my webcast and other initiatives where I can provide information to the public.

It all came together when a good friend from past radio days introduced me to a program that is changing my outlook on healthy living.

My wife and I were introduced to a health-clinic exercise club, and it has changed our lifestyle.

First, to become involved, we had to be referred by our doctor, who sent our files to the clinic so we could set up an interview to see what program would best suit our needs.

This is where it dawned on me that there are a lot of activities at home that allow us to not only get a job done, but provide a workout.

A few examples of the types of things I'm talking about are cleaning out the storage room, kitchen and closets, reorganizing the crawl space, rearranging the furniture, turning the mattresses, washing and or painting walls -- and yes, cutting the grass or shovelling snow.

The list goes on and on. Folks, I am not trying to sound like a "do-goody," but, you know, getting off the couch and into an exercise program such as a health clinic -- where your doctor is informed of your activities -- really adds a new dimension to your lifestyle.

Sometimes, it takes a major surgery or a health scare to make people realize that it is time to slow down and smell the roses.

So take it from me, folks, don't get in a rut. Look ahead, tackle those home-improvement tasks and get some good exercise at the same time.

Get into it folks, and live well, and remember: "It's Just That Easy!"

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