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A lingering stink in the sink

QUESTION: You helped me before with removal of odor from spilt milk in my car. I am currently trying to remove a constant odor arising from our kitchen drain. I have "scoured" the pages of your book, Household Solutions 2 with Kitchen Secrets but was unable to find what I need. We tried baking soda and hot water but were not successful. We do not have a garburator but try to collect debris in the drain strainers. However, I know bits and pieces slip through. Suggestions please. Thank you so much. Beverley, Winnipeg

ANSWER: The overnight baking soda, hot water and vinegar solution is a powerful way to freshen drains and using this method once a month has no disadvantages. However, if your sink continues to smell, you may have a clog in your pipes which will need to be cleaned out. Other causes of smelly drains are old grease sitting in pipes for a long period and becoming rancid or, poor ventilation. Instead of vinegar, pour 1 cup household non-sudsing ammonia down the drain and chase with 1 cup baking soda. Plug drain and leave overnight. In the morning remove drain and pour boiling water down the drain. If smell remains call in a licensed plumber to check out the system, and vent lines. The plumber should also check valves, and controls needed to bring the job up to code.

Extra tip for people who do own a garbage disposal: Regularly drop ice cubes, lemon and orange peels through the garbage disposal to freshen.

QUESTION: Can you tell me if there is a special name to describe deer meat? Thanks, Penny, Winnipeg

ANSWER: Never worry about asking me a question, smart people ask questions. Deer meat is most commonly known as Venison.

Did you know? The term 'venison' originally referred to the edible flesh of any wild animal.

 Dandruff is the shedding of the skin on the scalp, and a little dandruff is normal for everyone. If you have an oily scalp, the Mayo Clinic recommends shampooing often to prevent dandruff. Another solution is to clean hair with shampoos containing tea tree oil, use only a few drops and stop use if scalp becomes irritated. If you are desperate, visit a dermatologist and he/she can prescribe medicated shampoo.

Fabulous Tips of the Week

*An effective way to remove bird poop off of an outside deck is to scrub it with red cider vinegar. Works great! Submitted by: Jan

* Clean windows, glass and mirrors by collecting tea leaves in a bucket. Cover with rainwater and leave overnight. Strain and use with a squeegee. Dry with 3 day old or older newspaper.

*After raking the yard, do not throw away the leaves. Spread them over the garden and wet down. Till in the spring, this adds nutrients for the plants, as the leaves decompose.

*If your bathtub has a yellow or brown stain around the drain hole. Lay a dishcloth over the drain hole and soak the cloth with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Next sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda onto the cloth. Flip the cloth (baking soda side down) over the drain hole and leave for a few hours. Scrub with a nylon pad to remove the stain.

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