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Leftover paint great for accents

When your d©cor project is done, you'll most likely have leftover paint. You'll want to keep some of it for touch-ups but still, there will be lots of paint left, which carries lots of possibilities.

Since the paint will be in the colours of your updated d©cor, using it to create accents makes a lot of sense. The creative possibilities are endless. You've got the paint anyway, so it won't cost you anything to try your hand at a truly unique personal touch.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Paint the inside back panels of bookcases or shelving units in an accent colour. The accessories on the shelves will pop with a bright colour behind them. If the entire bookcase is dated, then consider painting the entire unit still using an accent colour on the back panel. You could get creative with a cube-style shelf by painting each shelf panel in a different, co-ordinating colour.

Update the inside of a closet using leftover paint. If you find it dark then use a lighter colour to freshen up the closet.

Spruce up a flea market or garage sale find using leftover paint. Perhaps you found a unique accent table that could work in your space, for instance.

If you have enough of one colour, you can try updating kitchen cabinets in a fresh new colour. Use leftover primer to make the treatment last.

Small items such as wooden picture frames, storage boxes, mirror frames and wooden curtain rods can all be transformed with paint and repurposed in your updated d©cor.

Sometimes, painting only parts of furniture can update and refresh it. If you have a dated dresser, paint the drawer fronts in a different colour than the rest of the piece to give it a new look.

Mix colours to create a new colour. Start with small batches until you get the colour you want then mix larger amounts to use on walls. If you only need a bit of a new colour then stick with the small batches to update d©cor items.

Use leftover paint to give an old door a new lease on life. A fresh colour on the interior of a foyer door can brighten up the entryway.

Wooden shutters can also be revamped with a coat of paint. Lighten dark shutters or darken light shutters.

In the bathroom, update a dated vanity and medicine cabinet with a new colour. Use a primer to keep the finish durable and long lasting. Add new hardware to finish the look.

Paint clay flowerpots so they will co-ordinate with your new d©cor. Consider adding stenciled patterns to the pots for interest.

Paint a floor cloth using leftover paint. It can be hung on the wall as simple art or used as an accent mat in the home. Paint dated brick with a funky colour to make it current. I used leftover ceiling paint to revamp a dated brick wall in my kitchen.

There are lots of ways to use leftover paint. When you have an urge to be creative, consider the possibilities and go for it.


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