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Baking soda will wipe those rings from marble counter

QUESTION: My son built a new house that has a large marble counter in the kitchen. It has acquired marks on it, water rings etc., which cannot be removed just by wiping with a dishcloth. Can you tell me what they can use to remove these marks? Thank you.

-- Bernice (Carman, Man.)

ANSWER: Your first step is easy; make a paste of baking soda and water. Cover the area and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry. Observe if the rings are gone before applying stronger products.

QUESTION: My favourite capris were washed and I wanted to give them a slight ironing but the iron was too hot and I now have an iron scald or mark on the pants. They are made of rayon, nylon and spandex. Can you suggest anything to take the iron mark out? Thank you, V.M. (Virden, Man.)

ANSWER: While some people have had success by gently rubbing the area with fine sandpaper, most report nothing can reverse the appearance of burnt fibres. I agree with the latter. To burn fabrics is to actually permanently destroy the fabric.


QUESTION: What is the best way to store regular bananas that will be used for bag lunches?

--Jesse (Winkler, Man.)

ANSWER: Store bananas at room temperature. Do not store them in the fridge (unless fruit flies are an issue) when they are green, because green bananas tend to turn black faster when stored in the fridge. If you need to speed up the ripening process, place bananas in a paper bag with an apple. While you should not keep green bananas in the fridge, it is actually a good idea to store ripe bananas there; they will turn black but the pulp will not be affected. Bananas can be frozen for up to two months.


QUESTION: We live in a remote community and the power goes out every few weeks. We have small children at home and wonder if it is possible to freeze milk. Thank you,

-- Iris, Winnipeg

ANSWER: In my experience, you can freeze milk. Once frozen it will turn yellow but returns back to white after defrosting. The flavour remains the same but the texture is no longer as smooth. For this reason, I tend to freeze milk only if I have an excess and then I use it for cooking and baking purposes.


Great feedback from readers

I am an electrician and made the mistake of using permanent marker to mark a switch gear. I needed to remove the marker so I tried mosquito spray and with no scrubbing the marker came off. I have been using it ever since. It doesn't seem to make any difference as to which brand.

-- Richard


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