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Drywall-sanding attachment a sure bet to suck up the dust

QUESTION: Love your column! I would like to know how to keep the dust down when I have a small area to sand on drywall? Thank you. Florence, Winnipeg

ANSWER: The best way to reduce drywall dust during a sanding project is to cover up as much furniture, floor and wall as you can with plastic sheets and then secure a drywall sanding attachment to a shop vacuum. The vacuum sucks up much of the dust preventing it from being distributed around your home. If you do not have access to a shop vac. you might consider dampening the area with a sponge before sanding, however this requires practice and the results are not as appealing as dry sanding.

QUESTION: How do you prevent waffle batter from sticking to the inside of the maker? My waffle maker is supposed to be non-stick. Angela (Stonewall, MB)

ANSWER: Some people find it handy to spray the waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray which works great to coat the iron. I personally do not own non-stick cooking spray and instead use a pastry brush and brush the iron with butter before adding batter which also works well.

QUESTION: I would like to know how to treat water stains on the interior ceiling of my car and on the sun visors. Thanks. Jim and Sandy, Winnipeg

ANSWER: Using a few key household ingredients your car will look as good as new! Into an empty ice cream pail mix one cup white vinegar, half tsp. dish soap and one quarter cup rubbing alcohol. Fill the remainder of the bucket with warm water. Using a light-coloured cloth, scrub the dirty areas of the vehicle. No need to rinse.

QUESTION: We left a half loaf of bread in a bag in our cupboard drawer for a few weeks while gone. When we came back we disposed of the bag of moldy bread, but we cannot get rid of the strong musty smell. I have tried: Airing it outside, bleach, vinegar, baking soda, coffee grinds, newspapers, kitty litter and lastly charcoal with no results. Do you have a remedy? It was in the bottom

drawer of a row of four drawers and all are affected. The cupboards are of solid oak doors and plywood interiors. Hoping to hear from you soon. Doreen, Winnipeg

ANSWER: Well you have certainly done your homework but the battle remains because the smell has penetrated into the wood. Option 1: Wipe the entire inside of the cupboard drawers with Orange Wood Oil. Option 2: Reseal the wood.

QUESTION: Do you know where I can bring my pennies? I have collected jars upon jars of pennies and forgot all about them until recently when I was cleaning the basement for guests. Thanks. Wilma (Niverville, MB)

ANSWER: If you don't want your old pennies anymore here are a few options of what to do with them. Donate them. Many non-profit organizations would love to receive donations, and pennies are still considered Canadian currency. So if you are thinking of throwing your pennies out, call some of your favorite charities and ask them if they would appreciate a donation of pennies. Or bring them into your local bank. Banks ask that pennies are either bagged with the total amount enclosed on a paper inside the bag. Or even better, roll the pennies. Papers can be purchased at several dollar stores.

The Power of Words!

"A million dollars in pennies is still a million dollars." Antonio Bryant

The International Hamburger

Spice up regular old hamburgers by seasoning them with flavours from around the world!

*Mexican Burger: Top the burger with hot sauce, jalapeno peppers and chilies. Add guacamole or salsa instead of ketchup.

*Asian Burger: When mixing the hamburger use soy sauce, minced ginger and teriyaki sauce. Top with wasabi mayonnaise.

*Paris Burger: Add a little Dijon mustard when mixing hamburger meat. Instead of cheddar cheese, top the burger with blue cheese or goat cheese.

*Italian Burger: When mixing meat, add marinara sauce instead of ketchup. Top the burger with fresh Parmesan cheese. Serve on Ciabatta bread instead of regular hamburger buns.

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