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SOLUTIONS: Epoxy mix should fix scratched porcelain sink

QUESTION: I enjoy reading your helpful tips. How would you suggest getting surface scratches out of lovely, white porcelain kitchen sinks? I have tried baking soda, Magic Eraser, bleach and vinegar but nothing works. The scratches are not penetrating, they are just on the surface (from pots and pans, etc.). Look forward to anything you can suggest as they are only two years old. Thank you. Nicky (Winnipeg)

ANSWER: Even if the scratches are not deep, they are still scratches and using a cleaner such as baking soda or vinegar will not erase the damage. You will need to purchase a porcelain repair kit from your local hardware store. With the colour-match epoxy mixed according to the directions and a sponge, you will likely end up with great results.

QUESTION: Would you have any recipes for making toothpaste? I have a disorder known as chemical sensitivity and would rather stick with common household ingredients for making my own hygiene products. Janet (Duck Mountain, Man.)

ANSWER: Baking soda is a great alternative for people struggling with chemical sensitivity. Baking soda is packed with great properties for whitening and absorbing odour. All you need to do is wet your toothbrush with water and dip it in baking soda, then brush your teeth as usual. If you want to put the cleaning power of baking soda to the test, clean a seashell and see if there is a difference between the cleaning power of commercial toothpaste versus baking soda.

Fabulous tips of the week

-- I bought a big screw hook from a department store and fixed it under one of my cupboards. Now whenever I purchase bananas, I hang them on the screw. They don't have to sit on the counter and they seem to last longer. Submitted by: Landon (St. Agathe, Man.)

-- I purchased a wire shelf and positioned it vertically instead of horizontally. I then secured it inside one of my closets between two walls to create a fence. I now stand my wrapping paper rolls up between the shelf and the wall and they stay organized. Submitted by: Debbie (Winnipeg)

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