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Fix unruly brows and hazy hardwoods

MIKE DEAL / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS/Windex can be effective when cleaning hazy hardwood floors.

QUESTION: I love your column and your ability to communicate with your readers. I have a kitchen hint and a puzzling question for you. Hint: If you like stuffed green olives (like I do), don't throw away the brine. Cut some carrot sticks (not too thinly) and put them in your olive jar. Boil the olive brine and pour it over the carrots. Seal and cool.

My question: How can I keep my arched eyebrows even when I pencil them onto my face? The eyebrow pencil keeps skipping over my wrinkles. Let me know. Maria, Gladstone


ANSWER: Instead of using a pencil to draw your eyebrows, consider using eyeshadow instead. Doing this gives you a softer, more natural look. When you measure the eyebrow line, place a ruler against your nose and the outer edge of your eye. This is where the eyebrow line should end. Next put the ruler against the side of your nose and the inner part of your eye. This will show you where to begin the line. You may also want to check out eyebrow tattoos; permanent eyebrows that are professionally drawn so you will not need to reapply them each day.

Extra Tip: For people whose natural eyebrows tend to appear misshapen through the day, spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and brush your brows into position.


QUESTION: I have high-gloss hardwood floors in my kitchen and have removed the area rug under the table, now I can see a cloudy haze where the rug was. I have tried to clean it with water and a small amount of Murphy's Soap, but I can still see the haze. What can I do now? Thanks for your help. Debbie, Winnipeg


ANSWER: For normal cleaning, vinegar and water or apple cider vinegar are great, as are hardwood cleaners specifically formulated for this purpose. But in my experience, when the challenge is a hazy annoyance, readers have had the best results by spraying the area with Windex and wiping. Test on an inconspicuous area first.


QUESTION: I was on your website and found some good recipes for cleaners but I didn't see the one that I really need for everyday use. I am wondering if you have any recipes to make your own spot remover for laundry stains. Linda, Winnipeg


ANSWER: In a spray bottle, combine half laundry detergent and half Dawn dish soap, squeeze onto stains before tossing clothes into the machine, works very well. Make sure that you always check stains before putting them into the dryer because the heat of the dryer sets stains, making them difficult to remove.


Tips of the Week:

Next time you purchase eggs and find one stuck to the bottom of the carton, wet the carton and it will release without breaking.

Add a small amount of salt to your cooking water to prevent boiling eggs from cracking.

When hard-boiled eggs get mixed up with raw eggs, spin the egg on its side. If the egg wobbles, it is hard-boiled.

Reduce the calories in your deviled eggs by leaving out the mayonnaise. Instead make the filling with egg yolk and low-fat yogurt. Sprinkle with paprika.


I enjoy your questions and tips. Keep them coming. Missed a column? Can't remember a solution? Need a Corporate Presenter on the topic: Harness the Power of Words? Check out my website:


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