Discover the magic at Manitoba's campgrounds and RV parks

Summer’s finally here and Manitobans are ready to enjoy the great outdoors, with campgrounds and RV parks as an ideal venue for active living.

These seasonal settings offer ample outdoor fun for all ages, whether you’re a wee tot or a seasoned camper. Manitoba’s many campgrounds and RV parks provide unbeatable opportunities to experience fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking or just plain relaxing under the summer sun.

For children, camping can create lasting memories of outdoor activities and time well spent with their families. Many campgrounds include beachfront areas that will keep kids entertained all day long. 

Joan Fehr of Cherry Hill Living notices how much children enjoy their on-site lake, as well as the long stretch of beach that surrounds it.

"The kids love to jump off the dock or play on the sand," she says. "They love making sand castles and running in the water."

Adding to the adventure, kids can often look forward to meeting new playmates at campgrounds or RV parks. 

"We have different age groups," Fehr says, "so they can seek out and make new friends."

Some families allow their children to invite a schoolmate or a neighbourhood friend for a weekend of camping and companionship. Parents can breathe easy, knowing that their children are staying active and entertained.

And the recreational opportunities aren’t just for kids. Adults can kick back and relax or jump up and embark on plenty of outdoor adventures. Canada Day is particularly popular at venues such as Cherry Hill Living, where people of all ages look forward to colourful fireworks display over the lake.

For grandparents, campgrounds and RV parks can also provide a unique setting to spend quality time with their family.

Fehr recalls one woman who had 14 grandchildren spread across the west from Manitoba to B.C. During the holidays, the entire family loved to visit their grandparents at the RV park, where they could stay overnight or head home to sleep. 

"They really enjoy it because they have their cousins and family around and many new friends from within the park. They can go in the water with plastic boats and water toys, or they might like to just run around and have fun. It’s a safe place, so their parents don’t need to worry," Fehr says.

"The RV and park-model lifestyle is becoming really popular with retirees. People like to barbecue, sit out on the deck or gazebo and spend every night outside."

In addition to families spending time together in the fresh air, many animal lovers bring their pets for a change of scene at campgrounds and RV parks.

"Lots of people bring their pets along," Fehr says. "You’re living outdoors a lot of the time, so you can walk outside and the pets get fresh air."

Camping also provides a quick and easy getaway for city-dwellers, who can find top-notch campgrounds within an hour’s drive tocut down on travel time and start unwinding right away.

Located only about 45 minutes away from Winnipeg, Cherry Hill Living is nestled in the Steinbach area conveniently close to the city. With a population of around 13,000 people, Steinbach offers mouth-watering restaurants as well as an arts centre, hockey arena, curling rink, brand new cinema and two large garden centres. With convenient access to other amenities, campers can also rely on nearby banks, grocery stores and state of the art medical services and hospital facilities.

"In addition to all that we offer on our property, there are seven golf courses nearby including Quarry Oaks Golf Course across the road from us," Fehr says. "It’s all so convenient for people and so much fun."

The summer months will fly by quickly, so there’s no time like the present to indulge in all the great camping opportunities that Manitoba has to offer.


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