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Try cheap kitty litter for fresh oil stains


There are several non-toxic ways to remove oil stains from your driveway. Kitty litter is one option for newer stains, while degreaser can be used on older ones.

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There might be an easier and cheaper way to clean that oil stain on your driveway than a pressure washer.

Question: A delivery truck left an oil stain on my concrete driveway. Is it possible to remove it without using a toxic product?

— Sharon

Answer: The fresher the oil stain, the easier it is to remove. For new oil stains, cover the area with cheap kitty litter or diatomaceous earth. Leave for three hours or more and sweep. For older stains, begin by purchasing degreaser. Cover the area with degreaser and scrub with a brush, making sure the entire grease stain is covered. Another option is to pour hot water onto stones and scrub with dish soap such as Simple Green. Leave for 10 minutes. Do not allow dish soap to sit on paving stones for an extended period. Scrub with a stiff brush and rinse.


Question: For some reason, the magnet on my fridge won’t come off. I tried Goo Gone, but it did not work. I am afraid to try and take it off with a razor blade, as I am thinking it would take the stainless-steel paint off the fridge.

— Patricia

Answer: I am assuming you are referring to a new fridge that you recently purchased. In this case, your best bet is to contact the retailer or manufacturer so you do not damage the fridge and void the warranty.


Question: My glass table will not come clean, and I tried everything.

— Mohinder

Answer: If you tried several products including full-strength ammonia and the glass remains cloudy, the glass may be etched — this is a permanent condition. Here is a solution that works very well to create sparkling glass, and it’s worth a try: spray the glass with a solution of four cups water, half a teaspoon of dish soap and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Gently wipe. Repeat with plain water, being careful not to allow water to air-dry, thereby causing water spots.



Dear Reena,

One of your readers said she couldn’t get the body odour out of her shirts. I have a young man in the family, therefore I have the same issue. My go-to is Simple Green all-purpose cleaner, available at Home Depot and Home Hardware. I put it on full strength to shirt armpits. Takes the stink right out!

— Wendy


Household hints and tips

If you accidentally seal an envelope and need to open it, stick it in the freezer for an hour and it will open.

— Ruth

I wrap cheese in foil before storing it in the fridge. It keeps for a long time.

— Lisa

Eliminate fleas on dogs by adding a few drops of Dawn dish soap to your dog’s bath, and shampoo thoroughly. Rinse well to avoid skin irritations.

— Ron

Make fancy butter shapes just like restaurants. Using soft butter, fill up chocolate or silicone moulds. Make sure the top is smooth and even. Place butter into the freezer for one hour. Pop butter out of the mould and store in fridge until guests arrive. Serve on a silver platter. Flower shapes such as roses are very popular.

— Edmond

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

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