Parade of Homes


Parade of Homes

Big on style

By Todd Lewys
August 15

Parade of Homes

Creative castle

By Todd Lewys
August 1

Parade of Homes

Show homes open for viewing all summer long

Many of you may think that new show homes are only open twice a year, during the Spring and Fall Parade of Homes. Although those two events certainly receive the greatest publicity and feature more than 100 new homes available for viewing at one time, the various new home builders of the Manitoba Home Builders' Association proudly feature and staff their show homes throughout the year.

We are currently at the midway point between the 2015 Spring Parade of Homes which ran in March and the 2015 Fall Parade of Homes which will be featured from September 12 to October 4. For those of you who require a new home fix between Parades, now is an ideal time.

Short sleeves and slip-ons in July and August promise to make your tour that much more pleasurable and this time of year gives you a chance to check out the air conditioning in the home. On most days, parking opportunities near the various show homes will be excellent.

The only question that remains is how do you know what is open and where to look? The Parade of Homes magazine produced by the Winnipeg Free Press is a staple for all Parade goers. Most people keep their magazine handy and check off the homes and neighbourhoods they visit. Assuming you haven't kept your magazine from last March, not to worry. You can still access all the available show homes on the Manitoba Home Builders Association web site at Although not all of the homes featured in the spring are still show homes, it will bring you back to the builders and subdivisions that you frequented back in March. From there, you have a variety of options.

You can download the map on page 57 of the magazine and visit the neighbourhoods that interest you, stopping in at the various show homes on display. On pages 58 - 92, all of the Spring Parade show homes are listed. Simply make note of those builders whose homes you are interested in, go to the MHBA web site and connect to the link that will take you directly to that builder's site. Many will have their show homes listed along with the times they are open. Even simpler, turn a couple of pages in today's paper and you will see a number of ads for show homes listed by MHBA builders.

No matter how you access them, the important thing to know is the various show homes are open for business and your viewing and visiting pleasure. Take your time, visit the styles and locations that catch your fancy, talk to the sales representative and enjoy the introduction to your next new home.


Mike Moore is president of the

Manitoba Home Builders' Association


By Mike Moore
July 25

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