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Renovation & Design - A home with history

A home with history

Stonewall abode where movie was made sits on former estate of town's founder

It's not often you get an opportunity to purchase a beautifully renovated house and, at the same time, become a stakeholder in Manitoba's fascinating history and the owner of a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamour.In the early 1990s, Victoria Preston and Rob Schumann worked with an architect to build . . .…

Renovation & Design - Tuxedo charmer built with purpose

Tuxedo charmer built with purpose

Choice lot perfect setting for couple's dream home

Call it the perfect storm -- for a homebuilder, that is.It was by chance Rob Swan of Huntington Homes found the perfect infill lot, a 100-foot-wide by 130-foot-deep property at 216 Lamont Blvd. in old Tuxedo."I was just driving down the street, and there it was, " he recalled. "It . . .…

Engineers can help solve moisture mystery

Question: I don't know who else to turn to. We had a Monarch sump pump installed in March 2011. We live in Meadowood, St. Vital. When it was installed, we were told we had a lot of water under the house and they had to work fast to install the . . .…

Manitoba's housing issues mirror Canada's

I just returned from our national (Canadian Home Builders Association) meetings in Ottawa and it was interesting to see the issues we have in Manitoba and Winnipeg are very similar to the issues other provinces and cities throughout Canada are facing.At the urban council (14 largest Canadian cities) meeting, there . . .…

Renovation & Design - 'Sawdust' at base of poplar is a sign of worms

'Sawdust' at base of poplar is a sign of worms

Every two years I delve into the problems with fast-growing poplar trees such as Swedish aspen and tower poplar. It seems like everyone who has large columnar trees is looking at the piles of 'sawdust' at the base of their trunks. This is a very serious and potentially dangerous problem. . . .…

Let there be light

Modern-themed home filled with windows, artistic touches

It isn't often you walk into a foyer of a new home that sports a three-piece glass wall that greets you in grand style.Yet, that's the scene that unfolds the moment you enter 29 East Plains Drive, a two-storey Artista Homes design in Sage Creek. However, it's the scene on . . .…

New Homes - Livable layout

Livable layout

New home has plenty of pizzazz, but functional design is where it shines

Admit it or not, when it comes to new homes, people tend to gravitate to pizzazz rather than practicality.Yet, at the end of the day, it's practicality (in particular, a home's layout) that makes a home livable. The design team at Parkhill Homes designed 10 Orchard Gate -- a 1, . . .…

New Homes - In with the new

In with the new

Bonneville redefines design from top to bottom

As a new home builder, you never want to be accused of falling victim to an insidious malady. That malady is none other than Same Old Syndrome (otherwise known as SOS), an affliction that has been known to cause prospective homebuyers' eyes to glaze over, a condition that can be relieved . . .…

New Homes - You want space?

You want space?

The Ambassador II offers four levels of living area

It's a commodity that king-sized families prize above all others.That commodity? None other than space. If you're a family composed of two adults plus three or four hyperkinetic kids, you can never have enough space. Turns out, Ventura Custom Homes had that need in mind when they designed The Ambassador . . .…

New Homes - Simply stunning

Simply stunning

Home eschews fanciful for functional

When it comes to show homes -- especially at times when the Parade of Homes is on -- it's easy for builders to get carried away with their designs. While it's good to showcase innovative new materials, products -- or even a revolutionary floor plan -- there's always the danger of . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold Nov 1

Sold Nov 1

SOLD:MaplesADDRESS: 4 Bondar BayASKING PRICE: $199, 900SOLD PRICE: $201, 000TAXES: $2, 680.84SQUARE FOOTAGE: 812BEDROOMS: 4BATHROOMS: 2LOT SIZE: 30 x 104LISTING AGENT: Sheldon Zamick, Sutton Group Kilkenny Real Estate, 204-291-8403SOLD:Linden WoodsADDRESS: 4312-193 Victor Lewis Dr.ASKING PRICE: $187, 900ASKING PRICE: $180, 000TAXES: $2, 107SQUARE FOOTAGE: 911BEDROOMS: 2BATHROOMS: 1LOT SIZE: CondominiumSELLING AGENT: Vijay . . .…

Distinctive dwelling

Royalwood property resembles brand-new homes seen in newer neighbourhoods

If it weren't for the fact you knew you were in Royalwood, you'd almost swear you were in Bridgwater Forest.With its cultured stone facade, front porch and non-protruding attached garage, 75 Bridgeway Cres. greatly resembles many homes that line the streets in Bridgwater Forest and Bridgwater Lakes. However, the home . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold Oct 25

Sold Oct 25

Sold-Offered for Oct. 25, 2014:SOLD:River HeightsADDRESS: 495 Brock St.ASKING PRICE: $287, 495SOLD PRICE: $287, 495TAXES: $3, 448.42SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 243BEDROOMS: 3BATHROOMS: 1.5LOT SIZE: 40 x 104LISTING AGENT: Matt Blumberg, Monopoly Realty, 204-232-6288SOLD:NorwoodADDRESS: 75 Hillcrest Ave.ASKING PRICE: $219, 900SOLD PRICE: $214, 000TAXES: $2, 049.59SQUARE FOOTAGE: 988BEDROOMS: 2BATHROOMS: 1LOT SIZE: 33 x . . .…

Resale Homes - COUNTRIFIED CHARM in the city


Historic Charleswood home built for Vialoux family retains some rustic characteristics despite modern upgrades

Anyone who lives on or near Vialoux Drive in Charleswood knows what a serene, picturesque area it is.Lined with mature trees on either side and the Assiniboine River meandering along lazily behind homes on its north side, it's a countrified area that doesn't get enough credit for offering such rustic . . .…

Resale Homes - Pretty on the inside

Pretty on the inside

Interior ambience a compelling asset of custom-built home

In terms of livability, not every home is created equal.That's why you can walk into one home and feel something is missing, while another feels perfect the moment you set foot inside. After taking a moment to think about it, you realize it was the small, intangible details that made . . .…