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Renovation & Design - Spotted TERROR

Spotted TERROR

Tiny fly wreaks havoc on North American fruit

Growing a mix of small fruits in the garden alongside flowering plants infuses it with colour, flavour and diversity. Manitoba's legendary climate with its long, cold winters and hot, dry summers, as well as rich, clay soil has proven ideal for growing a wide range of fruits including apples, grapes, . . .…

Renovation & Design - Leaking and heat loss should be considered when installing skylight

Leaking and heat loss should be considered when installing skylight

If you're replacing a roof or building a new addition to your home, perhaps you should think twice about installing skylights and other natural light fixtures to brighten a dreary room.There are two basic designs: the window-type with an optional wand or electric opener and the dome-style that allows natural . . .…

Renovation & Design - Early control key to healthy pines

Early control key to healthy pines

Coniferous trees are very popular trees because they do not lose their needles so easily and provide colour to the land all year round. In southern Manitoba communities, spruces dominate the evergreen trees. For most areas of the northern Interlake and boreal regions, Jack pine is the native pine that . . .…

Renovation & Design - Sealing unused chimney need not be a complicated task

Sealing unused chimney need not be a complicated task

Question: I'm looking for advice on how to cap off an unused chimney. Last season I replaced my extremely old oil furnace with a high-efficiency propane furnace. The oil furnace used the chimney to exhaust its combustion gases. It is obviously not in use anymore, as my new high- efficiency . . .…

Renovation & Design - Cosy decor ideas to warm up your winter

Cosy decor ideas to warm up your winter

Just like you would change your wardrobe for the upcoming fall/winter season, so too can you change your decor so it will comfortably and beautifully reflect the current season.Winter is a ways away but it is coming. Plan now for decor changes that will get you through the cold months . . .…

New Homes - MOST valuable player

MOST valuable player

Bridgwater Trails bungalow practical, stylish and affordable

If you're in the market for a new home there's a very pleasant surprise waiting for you at 133 Willow Creek Rd. in Bridgwater Trails -- a freshly minted, 1, 698-square-foot bungalow built by Gino's Homes.Listed at $479, 900 including lot and GST, this home feels like it should be . . .…

New Homes - Safety paramount when building new home

Safety paramount when building new home

Some may think a career in residential construction is fraught with danger and safety concerns. They would be wrong. The possibility of danger and injury may exist, but the record in Manitoba has been remarkable, and employees, employers and consumers all benefit from this.The Manitoba Home Builders' Association is the . . .…

New Homes - Fresh start

Fresh start

Spacious infill home brings modern amenities to established community

It's a vision of utopian proportions: a brand new home situated on a mature lot in an established community.The 1, 576 square-foot bungalow found at 5215 Rannock Ave. in Charleswood is the product of perfect timing, said Curtis Moffat of Pioneer Builders. "We had already built another home (which subsequently . . .…

New Homes - Taking a look at housing across the nation

Taking a look at housing across the nation

With hints of a recession coming from the mouths of economists and other financial pundits recently, I wanted to take a brief look at the state of the housing industry across Canada.I was in Halifax last week and new home builders there are definitely having a tough time. All necessary . . .…

New Homes - Big on style

Big on style

Two-storey design offers affordable and functional living

When Spencer Curtis and his design team at Hilton Homes conceived the design of the Russell, their mission was simple."The focus was on providing affordability without sacrificing style, " he said. "Even though a home might be a bit smaller in size, it can still be big on style, and . . .…

Resale Homes - Sage Creek two-storey MOVE-IN READY

Sage Creek two-storey MOVE-IN READY

If you're looking for a new home, but don't want to deal with the construction mess that comes with it, 162 Tallgrass Cres., a 2, 120-square-foot two-storey in Sage Creek, could be the answer to your quandary.RE/MAX Performance Realty's Ryan Davis said the home is in superb condition, in a . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold AUG 22

Sold AUG 22

SOLD:South PointeADDRESS: 10 Black Rock Pl.ASKING PRICE: $449, 900SOLD PRICE: $439, 000TAXES: $4, 932.08SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 734BEDROOMS: 5BATHROOMS: 3LOT SIZE: To be determinedLISTING & SELLING AGENT: Matt Blumberg & Mark Wang, Monopoly Realty, 204-232-6288SOLD:North KildonanADDRESS: 760 Mcleod Ave.ASKING PRICE: $234, 900SOLD PRICE: $234, 100TAXES: $2, 715.13SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 010BEDROOMS: 3BATHROOMS: . . .…

Resale Homes - Hybrid hideaway

Hybrid hideaway

Townhome condo offers best of both worlds

No matter whether a home is a house or a condo, its layout and amenities determine how livable it is.When a townhome condominium measures in at under 1, 200 square-feet, it's all too easy to write it off as being too small. That assumption would be a mistake with unit . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold Aug-15

Sold Aug-15

SOLD:Island LakesADDRESS: 75 Ebb Tide Dr.LISTING PRICE: $379, 900SOLD PRICE: $380, 000TAXES: $4, 667.07SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 649BEDROOMS: 3BATHROOMS: 4LOT SIZE: 109 x 38LISTING & SELLING AGENT: Apee Panchhi, RE/MAX Executives Realty, 204-771-5500SOLD:River HeightsADDRESS: 220 Lanark St.ASKING PRICE: $339, 220SOLD PRICE: $347, 500SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 410TAXES: $2, 891.16BEDROOMS: 3BATHROOMS: 1.5LOT SIZE: . . .…

Resale Homes - Affordable luxury

Affordable luxury

Tuxedo gem offers recent updates, bountiful amenities

You're a young professional or professional couple, and you're looking for an affordable home in a good neighbourhood.The home must also be spacious, relatively trendy and low-maintenance. You want to spend more time socializing and pursuing your favourite activities than fixing your home. Consequently, a condominium is positioned squarely on . . .…