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Renovation & Design - All the right moves

All the right moves

Extensive planning is key to a successful renovation

A big renovation requires a trustworthy contractor. That's why Morgan Whiteway chose Red Seal Builders to complete a large addition to his two-storey home in the Norwood area, including a basement and a large attached double garage. "It's the kind of project we really enjoy, " said contractor Cory Kloos, who founded . . .…

Address issues with home before warranty expires

Question: We've been living in our newly built home for about a month now. We have a home warranty that will cover some of the problems we might find and I just came across some issues that I was hoping I can get advice on. I noticed one of our . . .…

Renovation & Design - Contain your excitement

Contain your excitement

Take weather, weight into consideration when deciding what planter to use

If the sight and scent of all the fresh greens, boughs, birch poles, magnolia leaves and stems of red berries at your local garden centre is enough to inspire you to create a seasonal container display at your front entry, take time to consider the type of container you will . . .…

Renovation & Design - Sirococcus disease a blight on spruce trees

Sirococcus disease a blight on spruce trees

Of all the tree issues that concern property owners, unquestionably Colorado blue spruce and the green variety of Colorado spruce year after year top the list.This variety and species of spruce simply has lost most of its ability to deal with a host of disease and pest issues. I have . . .…

Renovation & Design - No need to break bank to update decor

No need to break bank to update decor

Readers often contact me to share their ideas and decorating successes. I've enjoyed hearing from you over these past 15 years. (Has it been that long?)Linda D. recently contacted me to share her story of decorating triumphs while living on a fixed income. I dropped in on her a few . . .…

New Homes - Functional and elegant

Functional and elegant

Sage Creek bungalow offers exceptional attention to detail

When it comes to show homes, function must come first. Once a functional design is achieved, elegance can then be woven into the overall design. The design team at Maric Homes had that in mind when they conceived the floor plan of 25 East Plains Drive, said Phil Mosher, Realty . . .…

New Homes - Classic charmer

Classic charmer

River Heights home offers a thoughtful layout in a great location

Not all River Heights classics were created equal.Most of the homes built between 1900 and 1930 ooze character, but the layouts and features vary greatly.As a result, some homes are far more livable than others. The 2, 000 sq. ft., two-storey home found at 106 Niagara Street is a prime . . .…

New Homes - No small feat

No small feat

Functional design makes most of undersized lot

Being an inventive, imaginative lot, builders relish the opportunity to rise to a challenge. That's exactly what happened when Spencer Curtis and his design team at Hilton Homes were given the responsibility of building a spacious home on a lot that was significantly narrower than normal at 54 Appleford Gate in . . .…

New Homes - Everything in its place

Everything in its place

Livable and lavish

There tends to be two types of show homes. The first simply overwhelms you with a quick burst of in-your-face wow factor. The second, by contrast, is more subtle in its spectacularity. The moment you walk in, you're aware of the wow factor, but it doesn't fizzle out. Rather, the various . . .…

New Homes - Natural beauty

Natural beauty

Two-storey home with walk-out basement is grand yet practical

As cutting-edge as new homes with modern designs can be, there's the risk of the design being too modern. When that happens, a home filled with white finishes, stainless steel appliances and a wealth of windows can end up feeling cold. That's not the case with 129 Autumnview Drive, said . . .…

Resale Homes - A concrete choice

A concrete choice

Affordable condo mixes in modern elements to maximize space

If you're a young professional just starting out - and looking for your first home - affordability and value is a priority. In most cases, a home possessing those two attributes is a one-bedroom, apartment-style condominium. Find the right one, and you stand to get a dwelling that checks in at . . .…

Resale Homes - Glycerin works well to preserve a wreath

Glycerin works well to preserve a wreath

QUESTION: My eight-year-old granddaughter made me a lovely fall wreath out of dried leaves at her girls club. I would like to know if there is anything I can spray on it to preserve it for another year. It will be kept inside. From a very proud Grandma, Winnipeg.   ANSWER: Keeping . . .…

Resale Homes - Ready to go

Ready to go

Bridgwater Forest bungalow offers all the benefits of a new home without the wait

With the popularity of Bridgwater Forest and Lakes unrelenting, there are two options you can pursue if you want to live there. First, you can build a new home, but it could take up to a year to complete. The second option is to find a like-new home on a . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold Nov 1

Sold Nov 1

SOLD:MaplesADDRESS: 4 Bondar BayASKING PRICE: $199, 900SOLD PRICE: $201, 000TAXES: $2, 680.84SQUARE FOOTAGE: 812BEDROOMS: 4BATHROOMS: 2LOT SIZE: 30 x 104LISTING AGENT: Sheldon Zamick, Sutton Group Kilkenny Real Estate, 204-291-8403SOLD:Linden WoodsADDRESS: 4312-193 Victor Lewis Dr.ASKING PRICE: $187, 900ASKING PRICE: $180, 000TAXES: $2, 107SQUARE FOOTAGE: 911BEDROOMS: 2BATHROOMS: 1LOT SIZE: CondominiumSELLING AGENT: Vijay . . .…

Distinctive dwelling

Royalwood property resembles brand-new homes seen in newer neighbourhoods

If it weren't for the fact you knew you were in Royalwood, you'd almost swear you were in Bridgwater Forest.With its cultured stone facade, front porch and non-protruding attached garage, 75 Bridgeway Cres. greatly resembles many homes that line the streets in Bridgwater Forest and Bridgwater Lakes. However, the home . . .…