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Renovation & Design - Spaghetti for 60 requires many large pots

Spaghetti for 60 requires many large pots

QUESTION: I am cooking supper for 60 people next week. I would like to know how much romaine lettuce to purchase for Caesar salad, how much garlic bread should I purchase and what quantity of spaghetti noodles should I buy? How can I cook this large amount of spaghetti without . . .…

Renovation & Design - Accessories are jewelry for the home

Accessories are jewelry for the home

Update them regularly to maintain a fresh look

This cool Kohler bathroom has lots going for it. The white-on-white decor allows the whimsical accessories to take centre stage. Using accessories as the focus is a great way to decorate if you're renting because you can take everything with you when you go but you can still have a great . . .…

Renovation & Design - Must I heat the cottage over the winter?

Must I heat the cottage over the winter?

Question: We are thinking of running no heat in our cabin this year, first time ever. It is normally a furnace-heated cabin, two-storey, built on a crawl space. We always leave the furnace at 10 C, but we have a lot of windows and it costs us quite . . .…

Renovation & Design - Beating the winter blues

Beating the winter blues

For the cost of a vacation, you can enjoy a Manitoba winter in your backyard

The traditional way to escape a Manitoba winter is to book a one-week family trip to Florida or Mexico that can cost anywhere from $4, 000 to $30, 000-plus, depending on the number of people and the exclusivity of the digs. It's like a big fireworks show: the result is . . .…

Renovation & Design - Home inspection primer

Home inspection primer

Is your home in need of an inspection?

Fall season ushers in winter preparation for many homeowners. If you're one of them, the best thing you can do is to get a maintenance inspection. This way, if you find out you need to fix something such as the roof, insulation or windows you have time to get it done . . .…

New Homes - You want space?

You want space?

The Ambassador II offers four levels of living area

It's a commodity that king-sized families prize above all others.That commodity? None other than space. If you're a family composed of two adults plus three or four hyperkinetic kids, you can never have enough space. Turns out, Ventura Custom Homes had that need in mind when they designed The Ambassador . . .…

New Homes - Simply stunning

Simply stunning

Home eschews fanciful for functional

When it comes to show homes -- especially at times when the Parade of Homes is on -- it's easy for builders to get carried away with their designs. While it's good to showcase innovative new materials, products -- or even a revolutionary floor plan -- there's always the danger of . . .…

New Homes - It's a family friendly abode

It's a family friendly abode

Home's floor plan can accommodate everyone's needs

If you're a large family -- say five or six people -- you require two things in a home. First, that it's spacious. And second, that it contains a multitude of separate spaces within a large envelope that, for all intents and purposes, needs to exceed 2, 000 square feet of . . .…

New Homes - Parade-goers in for some great fall treats

Parade-goers in for some great fall treats

IF the weeks leading up to the 2014 Fall Parade of Homes are any indication, builders are going to be very busy during the three-week event that runs Sept. 13 to Oct. 5. "People already started coming out to look at my show home in early September, " reported Cheryl Thurston, . . .…

New Homes - At home in the orchard

At home in the orchard

Oak Bluff beauty filled with functionality

Producing a new home design is never an easy task. Couple that with the fact you've been charged with the challenge of placing that design on an oversized lot in a countrified setting, and that challenge doubles. Turns out, Randall Homes has more than met that challenge in the form of . . .…

Resale Homes - Exclusive enclave

Exclusive enclave

Rare chance to buy in Assiniboine Woods

Driving into the secluded Charleswood enclave of Assiniboine Woods, you can't help but wonder why it doesn't enjoy more notoriety. After all, the community -- carved out of mature forest next to the Assiniboine River -- is picturesque and peaceful, the streets lined with stately (and varied) homes. And because it's . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold


SOLD: East Elmwood ADDRESS: 856 Manhattan Ave. ASKING PRICE: $199, 900 SOLD PRICE: $195, 900 TAXES: $2, 239.93 SQUARE FOOTAGE: 735 BEDROOMS: 2 BATHROOMS: 1 LOT SIZE: 41 x 103 LISTING AGENT: Renee Dewar, Lifestyles Real Estate Ltd., 204-979-5478 SELLING AGENT: Bob Dewar, Lifestyles Real Estate Ltd., 204-979-5478   OFFERED: East Elmwood ADDRESS: 830 Chalmers Ave. E. ASKING PRICE: $174, 900 TAXES: $1, 846.98 SQUARE FOOTAGE: 980 BEDROOMS: 2 BATHROOMS: . . .…

Resale Homes - Easy transition

Easy transition

Bungalow-style condo makes leaving your house less painful

Ask any empty-nest couple who's downsized from a large home to a smaller one, and they'll tell you it's not an easy task. That's because size -- although it is a huge consideration -- is not the only factor that needs to be dealt with when you move down to a . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold and offered

Sold and offered

  Whyte Ridge   ADDRESS: 151 Bessboro St. ASKING PRICE: $414, 900 SOLD PRICE: $387, 000 TAXES: $5018.51 SQUARE FOOTAGE: 2, 228 BEDROOMS: 4 BATHROOMS: 3.5 LOT SIZE: 60 x 120 SELLING AGENT: Marc Meyers, Monopoly Realty, 204-995-5496   River Heights   ADDRESS: 305W-1780 Grant Ave. ASKING PRICE: $283, 900 SOLD PRICE: $283, 900 TAXES: $3, 332.32 SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 132 BEDROOMS: 2 BATHROOMS: 2 LOT SIZE: Condominium LISTING AGENT: Vijay Guliani, Realty . . .…

Resale Homes - Safety begins at home — and so can fun

Safety begins at home — and so can fun

For any kid growing up, there really is no place like home. It's the safest place in the world -- or it should be -- and your job as a parent is to make sure it is. The first things parents do when kids are small is childproof everything in the . . .…