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Renovation & Design - Doors of perception

Doors of perception

If you've been reading my column regularly you'll know that my husband and I recently downsized to a condo. It needed a fair amount of updates which we've been working on for the past few months.The condo was kind of stuck in the '70s, which is when it was built, . . .…

Renovation & Design - Tips for cleaning cupboards without removing finishing

Tips for cleaning cupboards without removing finishing

QUESTION: The house we live in is 17 years old. The cupboards are lacquered and I have noticed that below the handles on my kitchen cupboards the doors feel slippery. I can see no grime, but I assume that there must be some oil that is not coming off with . . .…

Renovation & Design - Taking the lead

Taking the lead

Self-employed couple handles majority of home renovation themselves

Martin and Melissa Botincan decided they would rather pay themselves than depend on others for a weekly wage or become involved in an unmanageable mortgage.Their philosophy extends to the reno of a late 1940s home in Tyndall they purchased several years ago and worked on when their busy lives allowed . . .…

Renovation & Design - Bounty hunters

Bounty hunters

Two guys in a truck track down treasures for new Cottage Life show

Everything old is new again, at least in the antiquing business. A stranger's long-forgotten Tiffany lamp can find new life in your entryway, and a vintage Smith Corona typewriter can become the showpiece of your office.In the new television show Backroad Bounty, currently airing Mondays on Cottage Life TV, antique . . .…

Renovation & Design - How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?

Assess the winners, losers and be prepared to experiment

Gardening, on any scale, is a financial investment. Most of us start out with a sensible list of plants to guide us in our purchases. When we walk into a garden centre in the springtime, though, best intentions are often taken over by an overwhelming need to try this . . .…

New Homes - Livable layout

Livable layout

New home has plenty of pizzazz, but functional design is where it shines

Admit it or not, when it comes to new homes, people tend to gravitate to pizzazz rather than practicality.Yet, at the end of the day, it's practicality (in particular, a home's layout) that makes a home livable. The design team at Parkhill Homes designed 10 Orchard Gate -- a 1, . . .…

New Homes - In with the new

In with the new

Bonneville redefines design from top to bottom

As a new home builder, you never want to be accused of falling victim to an insidious malady. That malady is none other than Same Old Syndrome (otherwise known as SOS), an affliction that has been known to cause prospective homebuyers' eyes to glaze over, a condition that can be relieved . . .…

New Homes - You want space?

You want space?

The Ambassador II offers four levels of living area

It's a commodity that king-sized families prize above all others.That commodity? None other than space. If you're a family composed of two adults plus three or four hyperkinetic kids, you can never have enough space. Turns out, Ventura Custom Homes had that need in mind when they designed The Ambassador . . .…

New Homes - Simply stunning

Simply stunning

Home eschews fanciful for functional

When it comes to show homes -- especially at times when the Parade of Homes is on -- it's easy for builders to get carried away with their designs. While it's good to showcase innovative new materials, products -- or even a revolutionary floor plan -- there's always the danger of . . .…

New Homes - It's a family friendly abode

It's a family friendly abode

Home's floor plan can accommodate everyone's needs

If you're a large family -- say five or six people -- you require two things in a home. First, that it's spacious. And second, that it contains a multitude of separate spaces within a large envelope that, for all intents and purposes, needs to exceed 2, 000 square feet of . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold Oct 25

Sold Oct 25

Sold-Offered for Oct. 25, 2014:SOLD:River HeightsADDRESS: 495 Brock St.ASKING PRICE: $287, 495SOLD PRICE: $287, 495TAXES: $3, 448.42SQUARE FOOTAGE: 1, 243BEDROOMS: 3BATHROOMS: 1.5LOT SIZE: 40 x 104LISTING AGENT: Matt Blumberg, Monopoly Realty, 204-232-6288SOLD:NorwoodADDRESS: 75 Hillcrest Ave.ASKING PRICE: $219, 900SOLD PRICE: $214, 000TAXES: $2, 049.59SQUARE FOOTAGE: 988BEDROOMS: 2BATHROOMS: 1LOT SIZE: 33 x . . .…

Resale Homes - COUNTRIFIED CHARM in the city


Historic Charleswood home built for Vialoux family retains some rustic characteristics despite modern upgrades

Anyone who lives on or near Vialoux Drive in Charleswood knows what a serene, picturesque area it is.Lined with mature trees on either side and the Assiniboine River meandering along lazily behind homes on its north side, it's a countrified area that doesn't get enough credit for offering such rustic . . .…

Resale Homes - Pretty on the inside

Pretty on the inside

Interior ambience a compelling asset of custom-built home

In terms of livability, not every home is created equal.That's why you can walk into one home and feel something is missing, while another feels perfect the moment you set foot inside. After taking a moment to think about it, you realize it was the small, intangible details that made . . .…

Resale Homes - Sold and offered

Sold and offered

SOLD:WestonADDRESS: 970 Alexander Ave.ASKING PRICE: $132, 970SOLD PRICE: $133, 000TAXES: $1, 060.24SQUARE FOOTAGE: 785BEDROOMS: 2BATHROOMS: 1LOT SIZE: 36 x 70LISTING AGENT: Rachel Gendron, Royal LePage Top Producers, 204-781-2485SELLING AGENT: Rene Estabillo, Century, 204-987-2121SOLD:NorwoodADDRESS: 73 Hillcrest Ave.ASKING PRICE: $219, 900SOLD PRICE: $212, 500TAXES: $2, 295.38SQUARE FOOTAGE: 774BEDROOMS: 2BATHROOMS: 1LOT SIZE: . . .…

Resale Homes - Solid starter

Solid starter

River Heights gem an affordable option

One of the downsides to looking for a solid starter home is that on a limited budget, you may not get the location you want.In other words, young families or couples just starting out often have to buy their first home in a more remote part of the city to . . .…