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0 Richland Road

RM of Springfield


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Hubert Labossiere


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The Property Exchange Group Inc.

Box 315, Suite 15-449 Main St., Oakbank, Manitoba



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Seller is willing to divide the west and east properties and sell them se. Probably one of the best deer and bear hunting properties in southern Manitoba. This 483.62 acre paraparetely. Tours of the propertyies are possibledise is all set up with ponds for water, feed plots and trails. It boasts trophy whitetails scoring in or near 200 points and massive black bear. We have the trail cam pictures to prove it. If you are a guide/outfitter looking to bring up American clients for a hunt of a lifetime, look no further. This land is as all tied together but is cut into 6 different parcels and titles, so you could keep half and sell off the rest and still have plenty of space for your own use.There are no roads separating these parcels. One 5 acre parcel is an old yard site and would be perfect to set up a cottage or move in your campers for the hunt. The hunting land is just north of there and is connected with trails.

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0 Richland Road, RM of Springfield

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