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Professionals learn from professionals

This column has repeatedly espoused the merits of dealing with professional builders, renovators and suppliers.

Issues such as warranty, liability insurance, permits, standards and ethics, full disclosure of taxes and numerous other assurances that come with dealing with a professional are critical to getting the job done right.

One should add professional development and training to that list.

Last week, members of the Manitoba Home Builders' Association went back to school at their annual housing forum to learn from other professionals in their fields about areas important to the well-being of a business and an industry.

Eighteen unique presentations in the categories of leadership, technical, marketing and workplace environment were attended by MHBA members.

The Housing Forum presents an opportunity to interact with peers while pursuing relevant knowledge. Those that have attained the distinction of master builder or master renovator must attend a requisite number of professional development seminars or workshops every year in order to maintain that title.

The opening plenary session kicked off with Dianne Himbault, senior market analyst of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, presenting the current state of the industry and giving insights into the coming year.

This was extremely informative and will be the subject of numerous future columns.

Diane was followed by Donald Cooper, who gave an illuminating and most entertaining presentation that dealt with selling more, managing smarter and still having a life.

The technical sessions provided invaluable information for the residential construction industry.

Within the leadership stream, presentations concentrated on creating a successful and productive workplace, customer service, a 2013 economic forecast for Canada and Manitoba and a panel discussion on the factors that impact housing affordability.

In marketing, attendees were made more aware of website optimization, positioning for success and the art of sales.

Finally, workplace environment dealt with smart hiring practices, reducing work/life conflict and the role of accident prevention.

Professionals learning from professionals; yet another reason when building, renovating or buying supplies to deal with a Manitoba Home Builders' Association member.

Mike Moore is president of the Manitoba Home Builders' Association.



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