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SOLUTIONS: Denture tablets clean your toilet bowl, too

QUESTION: I am looking for an alternate solution to commercial toilet-bowl cleaners. Would you have one that I can make at home? I am really impressed with the window cleaner that you printed, so hope you may be able to suggest one for the toilet bowl. Enjoy reading your columns. Thanks. Helen, Winnipeg

ANSWER: Store your toilet-bowl brush in either bleach or vinegar. Drop four denture tablets into the toilet bowl, leave for five minutes and clean with your toilet-bowl brush. With very little effort, the bowl will look and smell great.

Did you know? Denture tablets are also useful for cleaning coffee makers. Drop two tablets into the tank and fill with water. Run as normal and pour the water out. Repeat using plain water.

QUESTION: My son is famous for getting ballpoint ink on his hands while he is working on his homework. Several times a week, I take him to his trumpet lessons and his teacher is always annoyed when he shows up with ink on his fingers. Do you have any easy solutions to quickly get rid of ink on fingers? Wendy, Winkler, MB

ANSWER: Good for your son that he spends time completing homework! Before music class, wet a tea bag with water and rub your son's hands with the dampened bag. The ink quickly disappears and his music teacher will be happy.

QUESTION: What is the best inexpensive product to apply to very chapped lips? Donna, The Pas, MB

ANSWER: Apply petroleum jelly to your lips several times a day. If you want to add colour and flavour to your lips, melt petroleum jelly in the microwave and add a half teaspoon of cocoa or Kool-Aid powder. Stir and store in a container.

Fabulous tips of the week!

-- Whenever I have scratches on my CDs, I take Chapstick and smear it all over the CD. Then I rub it with a soft cloth and remove the excess. The CD plays once again. Submitted by Terry

-- I rub the inside of a banana peel on my acne to dry up my blemishes. I have done this for two years and love the results. Submitted by Karenna

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