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Mini cakes and mint chip ice cream

QUESTION - I read your solutions weekly and use many of your answers. Now that I have a granddaughter with a modern Easy Bake Oven, I would like to know if there are homemade recipes we can use. The commercial ones are very expensive. Thank you! Jean, Winnipeg


ANSWER - Easy Bake Oven Chocolate Cake Mix: Stir together six teaspoons flour, one quarter tsp. baking powder, one tsp. cocoa, one quarter or less salt and four tsp. sugar. Add six tsp. milk and three quarter tsp. shortening. Pour into greased pans and bake according to instructions on the oven box. White Cake Mix: Follow same ingredients but substitute cocoa with two drops vanilla. Makes one cake.

QUESTION - My family has an unusually high variety of allergies but we all have one thing in common: we love ice cream. We don't have an ice cream maker but would appreciate so much if you could give me a delicious recipe for chocolate chip mint ice cream? I would list our allergies but it would take too long; however, we are not allergic to dairy products. Thanks, Meghan (Portage la Prairie, MB)


ANSWER - Homemade ice cream without a machine requires a bit of time to make because you need to stir it a few times during the freezing process, but like you implied, when you make it yourself you have a better idea of what is going into your body. Ice Cream Directions: Into a tall metal bowl mix: two cups heavy cream and two cups two per cent milk, one cup sugar, one quarter tsp. salt, one tsp. vanilla extract, one tsp. peppermint extract and four drops green food coloring.

Place mixture in the fridge for one hour and then into the freezer for 40 minutes. Remove and mix with an electric mixer until smooth. Doing this will break up the ice crystals that have begun to form. Freeze for 40 minutes. Remove from freezer and stir in 1 cup mini chocolate chips. Mix using an electric mixer. Freeze again for 40 minutes then beat with an electric mixer. Pour into a plastic container and seal with a lid. The more you beat and freeze, the smoother the ice cream. If you use an ice cream maker, this project takes about 20 minutes and the ice cream is really smooth. Final freezing time varies from freezer to freezer.


Feedback from a reader who cares:

Dear Reena,

I always try to find time to read your articles. That being said several years ago, you mentioned Whitcomb L. Judson as being the inventor of the zipper which confused me as I have always been told that it was a Canadian (via Sweden) that was given credit.

Judson did, according to some sources invent what he called a clasp locker but did not use the word zipper in his application. Gideon Sundback used the word zipper in his patent of 1917 and as a result was given a patent using that name/description. I have not been able to find a working relationship between Judson and Sundback but there is that possibility.

I only knew about a Canadian connection when I read a book by Ralph Nader titled Canada First -- including Pablum, health care, telephone and of course the zipper. Love your articles, keep them coming. Robert


Fabulous Tips of the Week:

White shoe polish won't smear if you spray the shoe with hair spray after it is dry.

To keep your small extension cords from getting tangled, insert them into an empty toilet paper roll to store.


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