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Flying into the new year with giveaway

Resolving to strike a balance between collecting and hoarding

’Twas a couple of nights before New Year’s, and all through the house, there was no room for anything, not even a mouse.

Let’s talk about clutter, shall we? And downsizing. And, as we head into 2019, working on the ability to let go of the unused stuff we stack around us.

As you probably know by now, I love preserving the past. It’s our heritage. So I rescue stuff, save stuff, give it a safe place to be until I find someone else who appreciates these artifacts as I do, and is willing to give it a home worthy of its true value.

I’m not necessarily talking cash value here, sometimes just respect, as opposed to the cold heartless disregard of those who would send such treasures to the dump.

A pox on them.

The other end of the "disrespect for our heritage" scale rests solidly on the hoarders out there. There is a huge difference between those who hoard and those who collect and may have a house and three sheds full of stuff, but it’s organized, protected, preserved and you know where everything is. You have no problem selling it, or letting it go to someone who appreciates it and values it as much as you do if not more.

Now, before I tell you how you can "win" what I’m giving away, which is a Thimble Drome P-40 Flying Tiger model airplane (check its value range on eBay), I want to make a very important point about "stuff."

The comfort level for the number of belongings you want around you in your home goes from minimalist to maximalist.

Both are right, neither is wrong. It’s all about individuality.

I like having lots of interesting stuff around, both old, new, and everything in between, because I get enjoyment out of looking at and messing with lots of different interesting things. It’s candy to my brain. Not junk, not clutter, not mess, just cool stuff that triggers creative thoughts. I have instant access to belongings and treasures that make me feel good.

And I get why some people — the opposite of people like me — get total satisfaction and enjoyment from living in Kulag ambience mode. Individuality.

However, Dr. Mustard would like to make a point here, which is, if those two lifestyles coexist within the same household, neither partner, roommate, whatever, should disapprove and dump on the other for being who they are.

My humble suggestion is that you each agree upon designated areas that totally offer you a space to be you, then blend both styles in a larger neutral living space that you can both enjoy and be happy together in.

If you let stuff wreck your love life, you’ve got some serious "thinnin’" to do baby. Just a little something to ponder heading into the new year.

Sometimes I get so serious!!!

Here’s a neat plane in my collection of cool stuff I’d like to give away... to you!

The nifty old P-40 — still in its original box — is missing its motor, because the nice man I got it from couldn’t remember where he put it, and apparently still hasn’t found it.

No doubt some P-40 aficionado out there has one, or will just buy one of those available on eBay.

This precious P-40 will go to the person who emails me and makes the best case for becoming the new owner, no dealers allowed thanks.

I mean, if anyone’s going to make money on it, it’s going to be ME!

I am honoured to launch this token downsizing gesture heading into 2019 and wish you the happiest New Year’s possible.

Oh yeah. That ’59 Buick convertible you’re thinking of chucking? I’ll take it.

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