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New tool can help keep you on track and on budget

Home reno project coming up? There's an app for that


The Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s new app, MyReno, was developed with guidance from professional renovators.

Many people who are planning home renovations use social media apps such as Pinterest and Houzz to find design ideas and inspiration. It’s a great way to browse the latest trends and find unique and different styles in home decor and design that you’d like to integrate into your home.

But what is the easiest way to take all of those design ideas and transfer them to a renovator who can make them a reality?

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association recently released a new tool to help you do just that.

The MyReno app was developed with guidance from professional renovators and is designed to prepare customers who are looking at doing a renovation project — from a small upgrade to a major project — by walking them step-by-step through the early planning stages of their home renovation project.

The MyReno app is now available for free download at your favourite app store.

The app allows you to take all of the design and decor ideas you’ve gathered — whether it’s by taking pictures while visiting a store or show room or by pinning ideas on a social media feed — and compile them all in one spot.

Starting your new project begins with a 12-question checklist that helps establish the scope of the renovation project you’re planning.

You then launch a project tracker that helps you establish your budget for the project and keeps track of the great design ideas you compile as well as the associated costs that come with them.

The app allows you to enter specific items you want as part of your renovation project, such as that perfect kitchen sink or new flooring you’d like installed.

By compiling all of this information, it helps you keep track of how different options and decisions can impact how much your renovation project may cost. This will help prepare you before contacting a renovator for a quote on the project, giving you a better sense of how much a potential quote for the work may be.

The app provides you with tips on working with professional contractors and what to make sure is included in any contract once you’ve decided on the contractor that’s right for you and your project.

The app can also connect you with local professional renovators.

The app allows you to share your project preparation with the renovator, so they can have insight into your dream project before meeting with you to get more information and provide you with a quote on the renovation.

The MyReno app is a great new tool for anyone who’s beginning to plan a home renovation project.

Download it today and start putting your dream project together!

Lanny McInnes is president of the

Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.


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