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Re-framing throwaway attitudes

New business accepts and reuses old picture frames

Darcy Finley / Winnipeg Free Press

Bev Teyems’s new framing shop, where she accepts and repurposes used frames, officially opened for business in November.

Never throw out another picture frame again!

Why? Because, Bev of Bevvy Teyems’ Custom Picture Framing reuses those frames — sometimes as is, sometimes altered or resized, sometimes refinished — to frame art, pictures — anything you want framed — at her brand new business at 565 St. Mary’s Rd.

She also frames with brand new professional materials as well, but today’s focus is on the recycling aspect of her new business because she, like me, absolutely cannot stand to see perfectly usable older frames going to the dump.

With me, of course, anything usable going to the dump, particularly older quality stuff, is cause for serious concern.

Anything made of old-growth wood in that home or business of yours being mercilessly sent to a landfill site causes me great stress indeed — stress being a gateway drug to more hardcore coping behaviours such as yoga or meditation, both wretchedly stressful! Who has time for that stuff? But I digress…

The cost of framing varies greatly depending on the project, but Bev would like us to know, yes, you can go new on the framing job if you like, but choosing the recycled, repurposed frame option can save you up to as much as 50 per cent, and that is a great saving indeed.

I may be seeing Bev about a project I’ve been considering for some time, and that is to take a bunch of photos from all the pictures taken through Mustard family history, current and previous, and have two or three good-sized collage groups framed artistically, to hang on the wall for all to see and enjoy.

I may also ask for some to be framed individually, and then, in combination with the collage pics, used to create a family wall. It’s a great way to revive a lot of fond memories while also creating a way for the kids and grandkids to get to know their roots better.

Bev, although she hasn’t yet created one of these family memory collages at the new spot, says she has in previous framing employment, and that they definitely become a bit of a treasure in whatever home they return to.

Did I mention I just love Bev’s new business? Well, I do. Certainly, not only here in Winnipeg and Manitoba but in homes everywhere, we have stuff sitting around that is much too useful and valuable to just throw out, but that is so often what happens to it.

So, it’s great when someone says, "Hey, I can make part of your clutter go away," while at the same time make excellent use of it.

You’ve got to wonder how many unused frames are currently sitting around here in Friendly Manitoba alone. Oh, and by the way, Bev has no problem with you dropping them off with whatever "art" or pictures they contain at the present moment. Yes, even those formerly somewhat popular mass produced parking lot black velvet paintings. Can there really be any of those still hanging anywhere?

Her fabulous framing skills are but one excellent reason to support this young entrepreneur. There are others, especially the following: she is one of those business owners whose goal is to help revitalize wonderful Winnipeg.

Her dream for 2028 is "to own a building (she likes the Exchange District) dedicated to as many artist mediums as possible: food, drink, music, visual art, supplies, dance, yoga (hmmm) and art studios. Workshop spaces for us to teach our mediums, ideas and culture to touch other people’s lives with. A committed hub for creatives… to indulge their senses."

Not to mention being one heck of a great destination.

Anyone have a big old building downtown they might want to show Bev through, just for the heck of it?

You can reach her, while finding any framing information you desire, at

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