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This is one impulse buy that'll prove very useful

Laurie Mustard / Winnipeg Free Press

Sure, Laurie Mustard probably didn’t need to buy two bed tents on a whim, but the grandkids already love them and that’s worth plenty!

I am always looking for fun, interesting things to entertain the grandkids with.

Boy, did I strike gold last week, browsing through the for-sale ads, with a find that is fun, interesting and worthwhile for all!

For those of you not familiar with this product, it’s called a bed tent — this particular model, made by Privacy Pop, is a double-bed-sized tent that, when folded up, fits in a slim canvas bag.

It’s portable as heck, with tents available to fit every size bed.

My first reason for thinking this might be a good grandkid treat is because I pictured setting it up in the rec room as a cool fort. No slippery sheets over chairs and tables, just remove the tent from the bag, POP, add four poles and presto — instant fort!

For bed use, they are actually designed to sit on the box spring or bed frame, your mattress placed inside the tent, holding it nicely in place, and also providing added stability for the side and end walls.

Checking the Privacy Pop website (and by the way, you’ll probably find numerous manufacturers for this type of product), it was interesting to find they offer other versions of this as well — the Bed Tent, the Bug Tent and the Nap Tent, the latter of which you use to escape while sitting right at your desk or workstation.

But it was the Bug Tent that really caught my attention.

It features the same construction design as the bed tents, but is made with a very see-through screen-type material that allows the occupant(s) unlimited visibility, while at the same time total protection against mosquitoes and any other insect that may threaten your good health and peace of mind.

So on one of those warm, clear-sky, full-moon summer nights, you take it out in your yard, inflate your double air mattress, zip yourself — or maybe the pair of you (nudge nudge, wink wink) — into your mini safe haven and enjoy a beautiful sleep under the stars. Paradise!

Do remember, however... it’s not soundproof.

As for the bed tents I now own (there were two available in the ad), I already have a summer grandkids sleepover adventure planned. I have three big trampolines in my backyard. I’ll set up tents on two of them, leaving the third and largest free for nocturnal bouncing, should the grandkiddies so choose — and they will. I’ll be sleeping in a camper trailer nearby, might even join them!

Go Grandpa!

Back in the house, I can see the grandkids setting up one of these things right in front of the big-screen TV, one side zipped open, the other closed, so they can watch a movie from the privacy and comfort of their very own movie theatre!

Grandkids aside, a bed tent would make a great impromptu bedroom in the basement or living room should an unexpected herd of vacationing relatives drop by. You’d still hear uncle George snoring, but you wouldn’t have to watch it — mouth open, dentures hanging out. Not a great visual to start the day on.

Personally, I’m thrilled to have found these (OUTSTANDING buy at $175 for the pair — I’m an excellent shopper), but along with the fun potential, they’re a handy and inexpensive escape for perhaps a roommate situation, etc., and can be a comforting sleep refuge for overstimulated kids/adults.

There are also various pet versions of these pop-up rooms.

Note to self: on the next visit to the therapist, it would be a very good idea to explore the subject of impulse buying, and the prevention thereof... somewhat.

Did I HAVE to have these tent beds? Yes!

Did I really NEED them? No.

Ah, so what?

Comments or feedback, love to hear from you!


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