A New Way to Renovate Your Home

Whether you're looking to amplify your curbside appeal, refresh an out-of-date exterior or impress your neighbours, there's a new and innovative trend in exterior home renovations.

Winnipeg native, Jeff Arnold is offering residents a smarter way to paint homes. And it isn't with a fancier brush. Three years ago while watching CBC's Dragon's Den, Arnold fell in love with a pitch from an entrepreneur out of Montreal who had invented a new way to renovate and paint the exterior of your home; Carmelo Marsala, a former student painter, is the founder of Spray-Net, a solution to painting aluminum and vinyl siding, brick, stucco and even surfaces that aren't traditionally painted, such as aluminum and vinyl doors and windows.

The product is best in class and performed with a patented weather-adjustable process.

"I'd never seen anything like it," says Arnold. "The Spray-Net formula is a game-changer in home renovations. It provides homeowners with a factory finish that won't peel and looks brand-new, not repainted. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to be a part of it."

That was three years ago. "It took some time to make happen, but I couldn't be happier."

Or busier it seems.

Stained brick, colourful stucco and statement doors are home trends for 2019. That said, especially in harsh Canadian climates — and depending on the quality of your products — you could be in the market to repaint your home's exterior every three to five years.

That is until now.

Spray-Net's innovation is designed to weather extreme cold and heat. It's cost-effective, completely customizable and a sensible solution to siding, door and window replacement.

What's more, Spray-Net offers a 15-year warranty on peeling or cracking, and a 10-year warranty against fading, which is transferable, a value added feature for anyone looking to sell their home.

"Winnipeg has a large number of homes built to withstand the climate, particularly stuccoed homes," says Arnold. "Spray-Net's Liqua-Wrap coating for stucco bridges hairline cracks, adds texture and even erases stains to transform the look of your home"

Born and raised in Manitoba, Arnold is Winnipeg's first franchise owner. "So I understand the climate and the need to protect against it." Former owner of Elite Communications, he appreciates not only the ingenuity and quality, but also the way customers are reacting to a Spray-Net makeover. "I am passionate about exceeding customer expectations. Honestly it's innovation at its finest."

The innovation extends beyond the product. Spray-Network, their proprietary software, adapts each coating to real-time weather conditions. This technology helps ensure a factory finish and lasting results every time. In fact, every coating is formulated to deliver optimal results.

As someone who has been in the customer service industry since he hung up his skates — former MJHL forward for the Winkler Flyers and Selkirk Steelers — Arnold says, "Although I'm incredibly entrepreneurial, I'm not doing this because I wanted another business, the product is just unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's versatile, on trend and reliable. I'm doing it because I completely believe in it."

Arnold has a crew of ten ready to begin spraying as soon as the weather cooperates. "We're on track to treat upwards of 150 homes this summer and into the fall, it's really exciting."

Together Spray-Net's innovation and Arnold's experience make this home renovation a formula you can rely on.

Spray-Net offers free at-home consultations. Get more information at


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