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How to Stay Sane This September

Despite certain school supply retailers coining September as the best time of the year, it can be stressful for parents trying to get students back on track and to school on time. While summer tends to be a season of laid back adventures, hauling kids out of bed and back to class can make cause for cranky children who drag their feet towards all things scheduled.

Fear not! Expert help is on the way and I’m not talking about the sun sign Virgo, who is ruled by action and routine. Staying sane can be as easy as an organized list and the right people/places to help you achieve more — with less time wasted.

Royal Sports, a long-time Winnipeg retailer is a one-stop shop for all things sports and school. In fact, they will outfit your child in brands that will motivate them to get out of bed including Thrasher, Vans, RVCA, Champion and Herschel. From backpacks to sneakers, getting dressed in the morning has never been easier.

Not to mention they are stocked full of the best names in sporting equipment and accessories. They have the largest selection in hockey gear including Jets clothing and made-for-Manitoba winter wear. Supporting your children and local entrepreneurs is not only easy to do; it’s good for your heart.

Seriously, one stop. Locally owned and operated with an adjacent parking lot, it doesn’t get any easier. Or more authentic — especially for those looking to sell and upgrade skateboards or hockey gear. Easy for kids, easier for parents.

From here you can springboard into all things extra curricular. My recommendation is to pick a night when the family’s all home and order in dinner. Delivery to your door or dorm room, or even to the rink or the pool, easier evenings mean more time spent supporting the young athletes, musicians, artists or academics you love.

After all, getting out the door after a good night’s sleep and a belly full of nourishment lends itself to optimal performance. Many studies have been done on the benefits of healthy habits, which are especially important for students.

Live your best with a calm and cared for household, and a stress-free — what? We can try, can’t we? — okay, less stressed, September.

Royal Sports is the perfect spot to find the latest styles that kids and teens actually want to wear.

Too busy to cook? Get your favourite (healthy!) meals delivered

September is busy, so be on the lookout for simple ways to save time and energy! Pro tip for meals: Get them delivered from local favourites and popular chains through the DoorDash app or at With free delivery on all orders over $10 for the first 30 days, you’ve got nothing to lose, but the time you might have wasted contemplating what to cook for dinner. Think salads and smoothies for smart sustenance, and pastas and rice dishes for endurance. Sure to please even the pickiest eater, check out DoorDash for tons of delivery options this back to school season.


Making a splash!

Thinking of registration for fall extracurricular activities? Swimmingly is a non-profit charitable organization that offers one-on-one swimming lessons for children with special needs. Getting your child ready for school is a nod to organized parents everywhere, providing as many opportunities as possible is the joy that comes along with it. Affordable, accessible, one-on-one swimming lessons for children with special needs brings more than peace of mind, it’s provides opportunities for all. Don’t let fear hold your child back, help them experience all that life has to offer today.


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