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Over the past few weeks, I have spoken with good friends, as well as family and colleagues about whether or not they’ve committed to resolve to be better in 2020. More often than not, the response has been, "I’m making the same resolutions I did last year." For others, who did aspire for more, many of the resolutions shared with me were about an improved state of looking and feeling better.

Personally, as the year evolved my willpower tanked, hitting an all year low on New Year’s Eve when I ate much more than I should have and stayed up way past midnight. Yes, it was one of the best nights of the year, but still, I woke feeling less than stellar as I stepped forth into a new decade. We all have moments of doubt, negative self-talk and of course, lack of will, but I’m hoping you, like me, are trying to kick those habits too.

This year, if you truly want to look and feel your best, stop doubting yourself. Eliminate negative self-talk, get more fresh air, eat more veggies and investigate all options for optimal health, including medical aesthetics as part of your personal health journey.

New kid on the wellness block, Form Medical Aesthetics, is hoping to change the way people feel about their bodies, which in turn boosts their happiness quotient. They aspire to educate, connect and rock wellness in 2020.

Dr. Corinne Paterson, medical director and OBGYN, says, "At Form, we use cutting-edge technology to change the way people live their lives."

The outcomes are life-changing; from radiofrequency (RF) vaginal treatments to help treat pelvic floor dysfunction to platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) therapy, a treatment option for a variety of medical conditions including hair loss and osteoarthritis. From microneedling with RF (Fractora) to treat a variety of skin concerns such as active acne, acne scars or deep wrinkles, to intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat skin texture, dark spots from sun damage and aging, rosacea, redness, and vascular lesions, Form Medical Aesthetics uses advanced aesthetic treatments to improve quality of life.

"Our goal was to open a clinic with a holistic approach to all of the things related to living and feeling well. Yes, it’s okay to be beautiful and feel amazing. In fact, we support that," says Dr. Paterson.

One of the newest and most popular technologies is radiofrequency (RF). RF is used to gently heat the skin and subdermal layer to induce your own cells to remodel collagen. This is an ideal treatment for those desiring smoother, tighter skin that has a noticeable glow.

An unusual merge of medicine, Paterson and her partner, Dr. Leon Waye, medical director and asthetics/family physician, hope to change the industry with education. On January 30th, Form will be hosting an event on mindfulness and meditation to 'support the evolving you,' which just happens to be their tagline.

"We offer non-surgical, long-term personalized plans in a space where we do our best to make everyone feel welcome. We want to be approachable, but luxurious." And they’ve done that. The clinic is stunning, equipped with a Nespresso bar and fireplace, circular in design and stocked with products that are locally made (when possible), not tested on animals, and plant based.

"We want to support our clients by boosting confidence, helping clients improve their sexual health and age positively. We see a large number of both men and women as we work to reduce the stigma around medical aesthetics."

Form is a shame-free space where people walk out like a more refreshed version of themselves (try the salt facial!) — regardless of whether or not you are in a stage of transformation or simply want to explore your options.

"We want our clients to feel comfortable here, and empowered."

With a skilled staff, a membership program and the option to put away money into your own wellness bank each month, there’s no reason you can’t take care of yourself this year.

So stop procrastinating. Sitting is the new dead. Get off the couch, make a decision to learn more, stretch, grow, laugh or just feel better. One last thing Dr. Paterson told me, "Please, please wear sunscreen."

Master your goals

Ryan Anderson of Motiv8 Life and Performance coaching, achieved his 2019 goal of biking across Europe says ... The key to living your best life starts by believing in yourself, taking consistent action towards your goals, and developing your mind set and self image to get you there. Being grateful for what you already have, not comparing to others and getting out of your own way is also important. That and having a supportive team around is key, which is what makes his Mastermind Group Coaching courses so in demand. "Having a group to hold you accountable and remind you of your worth makes all the difference. We break down goals into manageable daily activities to help change your habits and ultimately let go of the past."

This year, build your confidence, set new goals and stretch your comfort zone.

Go to to register for the next 12-week Mastermind Group course starting January 22 or enter to win a free course at


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