Black Diamonds are forever

Whether you’re in the market for a vacation unit or a seasonal home, park models are gaining popularity as an ideal option to suit every owner.

Park models are created for long-term placement in RV-friendly locations; however, they also act as fully transportable recreational vehicles approved by the CSA.

For families interested in all the advantages of the cottage lifestyle, park models allow them to invest in a summer vacation spot at an affordable price point. And for snowbirds looking to escape the long, cold winters, park models provide them with the perfect place to call home for the warmer half of the year.

Joan Fehr of CherryHill Living says park models also allow RV owners to upgrade their recreational space, whether it’s for ongoing accommodation or a weekend getaway.

"Basically, this is luxury living at an affordable price. If they’ve got a small RV and they want to expand their space, these are up to 540 square feet and they can be winterized," she says.

"CherryHill is actually the only RV park that is planning to develop a four-season lifestyle. Right now, we’re set up for up to six months, and our next future expansion is for 12-month living."

Basic park models often feature an RV-style ambiance, while the top-of-the line Black Diamond editions showcase high-end finishes that would rival any upscale home.

Black Diamond owners can enjoy ample natural light that pours in through bay windows and bounces off cathedral ceilings. Owners can also opt for hardwood floors or lush carpeting, depending on their personal tastes.

The open-concept designs showcase modern architecture, which can be further enhanced through stainless steel appliances, designer countertops, rooftop patios, covered decks, and indoor or outdoor fireplaces.

"The Black Diamond series gives you six different designs to choose from. They are a new and modern concept of a park model," Fehr says.

"These are becoming very popular as an alternative in Canada, in particularly in Ontario and British Columbia."

At home in Manitoba, CherryHill Living near Steinbach remains one of the only resorts in North America to offer the chic and sleek Black Diamond park models.

"Lots of people would actually sell their home to move into one of these. That’s what we’re planning on doing. In the winter, we want to be able to travel Europe, go to Southeast Asia and Mexico, all of these places that the world has to offer," Fehr says.

"If you’re getting ready for retirement, it’s an alternative to living in a condo. You can sell your house and move into one of these in the summer in Canada to stay for six months. Then you can travel or have a second place in a warmer location."

In fact, many snowbirds are the proud owners of two park model units, with one located in Canada and the second in a winter destination such as Florida.

No matter where you set up your park model, you can enjoy the comforting sense of being part of a community that has a true village atmosphere. With representation from all ages and stages, park model residents include kids, teens, young adults and older adults. Together, they share scenic spaces and enjoy building unique communities centered around their high-quality abodes.

For everyone from youngsters to the young-at-heart, park model communities encourage active living in the great outdoors while also offering all the comforts of home sweet home.

"The best part is you can afford to do it," Fehr says. "You’ll be set for life since Black Diamonds are forever."

CherryHill Living’s park models are now available! If you have any questions or inquires about their park models or their campground in general please call them at 1-204-346-3168 or visit them at


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