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T. S. Elliot said, "Home is where one starts from."

An address, the physical location of where we reside, should be complementary to the lives we lead. Whether sedentary in the suburbs or on the road with no fixed address, on a beach or in a vibrant and walkable neighbourhood, our home choice is a direct correlation to our stage of life.

Thankfully, when it comes to choosing a home, the options are nearly endless; and with a little bit of creativity and the right builder or contractor, nearly everything is possible. The key is to choose a home that fits your needs. And for most of us, both the home and lifestyle will change as we grow, as our families and priorities do too.

And almost as important as the footprint you call home is the neighbourhood you choose. From green space to the amenities it offers, each aspect about how and where you live impacts the quality of your life, the time you spend commuting, in nature, and so on.

At a time when affordable housing is at a premium, Randall Homes continues to offer style, livability, and convenience in their multi-family housing projects. The term livability speaks to the ease or struggle, the culture, the number of natural elements present, educational offerings, and recreation within a neighbourhood.

When it comes to connected households, condominiums can offer plenty to enhance your life. Their newest project, LaFrance is a Townhouse Condominium, which means you get your own, fully landscaped, fenced backyard; and it is pet friendly for those with four-legged friends.

Constructed more closely together than a single-family unit, there is a greater interconnectedness that tends not to exist in large subdivisions. Plus, with the added bonus of less exterior maintenance and more common areas to gather, you can skip cutting the grass and spend more doing what you love.

By choosing a new development, focused on sustainability, with plenty of natural settings and amenities aplenty, condo life can be an easy decision to make.

Sponsored by Randall Homes

Located in southeast Winnipeg, Sage Creek is the vibrant, new community of the future. Just steps from Sage Creek Shopping Centre with Sobey’s, Shopper’s Drug Mart, banking, restaurants and more, Randall Homes’ newest townhouse condominium development is carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed to meet your every need.

Lafrance Townhouse Condominiums is set to redefine the condominium lifestyle with its unsurpassed style, convenience, and value. All homes are two storey, three bedroom with two and a half baths as well as a full basement and double detached garage.

Come home to Lafrance Townhouse Condominiums today! Show home available for viewing at 71 LaFrance Lane or by contacting Michael Dubenski 204.981.4101 or Viktoria Fazekas 204.250.7711


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