Crafty tips for building your first home

Building your first Minecraft home can be a rewarding experience, however, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration before you begin. The following tips will be sure to impress your friends, keep you protected from hostile mobs and provide shelter Youtube gurus will envy.

1. Location, location, location

You can build your home almost anywhere, but finding a high point surrounded by plenty of flat land will help in spotting creepers earlier. Be sure to leave space to expand though, which will come in handy for future farming, animals and of course, a flower garden. 

2. Personality

A 10x10 square, might make for a quick shelter, yet adding your own personal style can make the game more interesting. Once you have your basic framework, start placing the essential items such as chests, a bed, crafting tables, bookshelves and other key items. Adding additional floors, a media room, flags and fireworks all increase curb appeal. 

3. Protection

Building a shed will allow you to store additional valuable materials away from your main home. A protective shelter helps to reduce clutter in your everyday life and reduce the risk of a creeper blowing up your supplies. 

4. Snacks

Everyone needs to eat, especially after a long day of battling. Build yourself a kitchen to make sure you always have food on hand. After all, you can’t mine if you’re starving.

5. Lighting

 Lighting up your home’s exterior can make a real difference. The more torches you have, the less chance there is that a mob will end up on your property!


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