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Fall has long been seen as a favourable season to purge unwanted habits — a kindred spirit to routine. As so often is the case, as summer unfurls, so too does our discipline. Especially here in Manitoba as we tend to make the most of our summers, staying up late and consuming all things churned, brewed or available in a food truck or at a festival.

Now that students are back in school and schedules are settling in, it’s time to consider making small tweaks to the way we live our lives – even if we’re long ago graduates. Two weeks ago, right here in our Homes Feature, we shared with you ideas for a seamless back to school; ways to help your student slip into the school year. This week, we have a few suggestions on how you can start to shed your summer self and get back to better habits.

As the temperature sinks and the balmy humid days migrate south, dry skin becomes more common. This fall why not up your daily water quota? Fill your cup with extra hydration. H20, after all, has many benefits, notably the ability to flush toxins.

As a child myself, I loved the freshness in the air that September brought. I loved new supplies and blank sheets of foolscap. Regardless of what had transpired in the previous school year, there was the optimism of starting over. As adults, and parents especially, after we’ve set the students of our lives up for achievement, we can refashion the same mental do-over if we choose.

Fall back into habit when it comes to fitness. Not many people I know work out at the cottage or campsite. Consider a fall boot camp or reinstating your gym membership. A good workout pairs well with a glass of water and a serious sweat. Even in short increments, moving your body is beneficial for overall health.

A self-audit of current behaviours takes guts. Ask yourself if you’ve relaxed your bedtime standards. If it’s time to pull out the crock pot and simmer stocks instead of making instant meals. Long walks and slow cooked soups and stews are a superb substitution for cheeseburgers and potato chips.

Heck, power up a diffuser filled with citrus essential oils for motivation, and with a blank sheet of paper, write yourself a promissory note to take small steps back towards feeling your best. That’s what we aim to share with you right here on this page — a feature that strings together hearts and humans who push themselves hard. Who reach for greatness in their businesses, their products and their people. 

If you are a business who wants to help others do that same, please reach out to us. The Advertising Department of the WFP has recently undergone big changes. We are a team of creatives who understand brand messaging, digital advertising and of course, print. We are all about achieving our best each day. We know Winnipeg and we know advertising. We’ve built our business on it. 

To see how we can help you detox your marketing plans, please send us an email at

Our remedy for a chill fall includes staying deliciously hydrated, achieving ambition with aromatherapy, adding fitness to your routine, consuming comfort foods, and getting a good night's rest.


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