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A garden centre’s achievement into Christmas comes alive with the passion that is revealed in the expression of the season. At St. Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre the time it takes to transform one third of its buildings; approximately, 26,000 square ft of space into a wonderland is not a quick turn. Nor is it objected too, but rather becomes a stimulus amongst the staff. Just before the switch of seasons, the question "can we begin now?" is whispered with excitement.

We cannot say whether it is the glitter, the whimsy, the colors, the themes or just that feeling that comes along with Christmas that spurs the energy into creating a tradition of winter wonderland each year. The anticipation in the shift of seasons triggers us to think of ways to be creative. It is the thought of our customers delighting in our displays of holiday décor that gives us the motivation to fashion something different and unique year to year.

This year, 40 theme trees on display create a wonderland full of decorating ideas that will take you into a journey of decorating. Creating a theme? Each tree presents a theme with a collage of ornaments which pair beautifully in the color tones chosen. Ribbons and garlands add to the visual effect, with additional texture and movement. The ribbon can be complementary to the garland additions or it can become one of the focuses of the tree. Ribbon can be laid into the tree vertically or gently laid into the tree and on gently lifting diagonal sweep; creating a lift and fullness to a tree’s look. A favorite of Victorian or Christmas tradition, ribbons and bows in a certain color is another welcoming addition to any tree. Ribbon along with various sprigs of silks such as floral poinsettias, magnolias and bouquet sprigs of glittered branching all add to the overall appearance of a tree; plus they act as fantastic "fillers" if required. Garlands, unlike the green sprigs type but rather garlands of red glossy berries and faux birch look take trees to another level of design. Garlands, like ribbon create a flow with a visual appeal. Have you used either in a tree?

Fresh cut trees favor lighter decorating whereas the artificial selections adopt to all applications of design style.

The icing on the cake; figuratively is the placement of favored and collectable ornaments. Yes! The paper doll angel that your children made still hold a place on the tree along with all the collections or themes you may have. A trend for having "family trees" which hold all the kid’s ornaments collected through the years is now partnered in the home with now the "adult tree"; the tree in another area of the home which is now coordinated for color or theme. What is your adult tree theme?

How about a new modern look with artificial succulents for a southern flair; which pairs beautifully with the latest succulent trend in house and gardens. How about a cottage tree look with a natural color tones in warm amber, rust, wine and grey which match the moose, bears, and rustic tin ornaments.

St. Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre is on display with creative ideas for all types of holiday decorating.


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