Festivities Without the Festivals

This summer is likely going to look different than last. With responsible distancing encouraged, Manitobans can’t gather in quite the same fashion that we’re used to. And with so many events that we look forward to all winter long now cancelled or postponed — like the many summertime festivals that showcase music, food and well… togetherness — it’s time to get creative with your summer festivities.

To start, our nation’s birthday is just around the corner, or smack dab in the middle of next week. This July 1st bring Canada home to your backyard. On the prairies, we’ve grown plenty of entrepreneurs who’ve made their mark with yummy sauces, cheeses and stouts. Barbecue up some fresh fish or cue up some Manitoba beef.

You can support local farmers and breweries in one shot. Many local restaurants are still offering catering options, which can make for an easy and likely breezy, day. Treat the big kids in your life to boozy popsicles, fill balloons with water or have a family sack race.

If your space is equipped with a pool, blow up the floaties, have a dog paddle race or better yet, a cannon ball contest. (In my family, I happen to be the cannon ball champion). If not, get back to basics by setting up a sprinkler for the kiddos or an old school slip and slide. Grill hot dogs, pull out the badminton rackets or host charade night à la Fringe. Seriously, families often provide plenty of creative folly.

You can turn just about anything into a party, with smart socializing, and make Canada Day or any summer day a blast. But, if you’re still easing your way back into civilization, if you’re still operating low key, a Folky playlist and a tent in your backyard are just as honourable. Better still if you can play, pull out the guitar, build a fire and let your inner folkie free.

My dad was a musician. He would pull out a guitar and play music by ear. Almost every story I have with him involves the outdoors and a set of strings. Song is a formula for bringing people together and this country is filled with so much Canadian talent, you could sing your heart out until the sun comes up.

Summer is synonymous with the outdoors. With fresh air and farm fresh veggies. When I think of summer, I think of icy cold beverages and bright blue skies. So, delight in everything July that makes your heart happy. There will never be a summer quite like this one. As we kick off the official start to summer break, here’s to all of the folks who bring us the many festivals we love. We look forward to gathering once again!

Summer Spaces

Add motion to your yard with the Saturn Wind Dancer. It twirls in the wind and the thin metal strips can be bent into shape to create a unique motion while it spins. Available at Shelmerdine.

Over at Shelmerdine, they’re receiving weekly shipments of fresh plant material such as perennials, trees, shrubs, and of course indoor plants and pots – throughout the entire summer! A summer staycation in your backyard is the perfect time to tuck in a few new plants, decorate with some solar lights, or to relax in a new hammock – all things that are in good supply at Shelmerdine. Behind the scenes, believe it or not, they’ll begin planting their poinsettia crop in early July, as well as receiving Christmas decorations and setting up their famous Fall Kids Funzone! Stay tuned for a possible Farmers Market in August as well.

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