Get Growing, Griling or Grooving

Russell Conwell said, "You can journey to the ends of the earth in search of success, but if you’re lucky, you will discover happiness in your own backyard."

A backyard can express happiness in the freedom it offers both as an extension of living space and an expression of personality. A sunken swimming pool, for example, speaks to the more adventurous spirits, the fun seeking, group gathering sort; whereas a koi pond may be a more suitable backdrop for serenity – a place to gather your thoughts or set an intention for your day.

Whether it’s the warmth of a fire you’re fond of or a garden lined with rows of ripe, juicy tomatoes; whether you prefer a patio table for dining alfresco or a tree house that calls to the kiddos – if you're lucky, happiness can be found in your own backyard.

This May long-weekend, with a little can do and a lot of creativity, with a couple of skilled tradespeople and products built to last, fresh air is calling and you don’t have far to go to find it. After all, this weekend to kick off summer, is synonymous with drive-in movies and yard work. And seeing as one lives on only in our memories, you might as well pull out your work gloves and get going.

A great place to begin might be with a full grill and your favourite people jawing on just what you need to make the most of this summer. Especially this year, in 2020, when staying home is where it's at – beneath a pergola, inside a gazebo or under the stars.

While I’d argue there are a few fundamentals to getting it right this season though, I'd start with an area to sit and enjoy your morning newspaper along with a strong cup of coffee. A deck that's easy to maintain or if you’re short on space, a bistro table on your balcony can help you begin. With a spot to sit and sip, you can expand from there.

Think patio furnishing or a rattan swing chair. Add in a killer grill or smoker. Add in pots filled with marigolds, petunias, impatiens, sunflowers or begonias. Why not hang swings from trees, turn rocks into rocking speakers.

Love food? Invest in an outdoor kitchen complete with a wood burning pizza oven or an outdoor bar.

A large outdoor television goes great with a hot tub and the perfect accessory to a cool night and sore muscles is a sauna.

Whatever your wish – to entertain, or getaway without leaving home – from backyard bowling to becoming a barbecue boss, leisure beckons. This summer live your best life, right at home, in your own back yard.

Advance Electronics

At Advance Electronics, we’ve seen and heard it all since 1953, which is why we sell the best brands for Manitoba summers including everything you need for backyard living. From Napoleon grills and barbecues, to patio furniture and of course, TV's and sound systems for the outdoors. Let us help you find your backyard bliss.

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