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Jonathon Lyon (president and CEO of the HSC Foundation), Vince Barletta (president and CEO of the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation) and Stefano Grande (president and CEO of The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba)

If you ask Jonathon Lyon, Stefano Grande of Vince Barletta, the future of healthcare in Manitoba is bright. In a recent interview with the three CEOs, there was certainly a feeling of optimism.

Despite an aging population, the generosity of Manitobans continues to pump life into our health care system, attracting the best talent, advancements in research and the revolutionary equipment needed to support all Manitobans from newborn babies to the elderly; for those suffering from chronic illnesses to those who face an emergency health crisis.

2019 marks the fourth year three cornerstone hospital foundations — Health Sciences Centre Foundation, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba —have come together to improve Manitoba healthcare.

Lyon, HSC Foundation President and CEO says, "These foundations don't work in isolation. Together we support service and care for individuals of all ages." This synergy is the impetus of the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery. By purchasing a ticket, you can help their cause.

"Together we support the backbone of healthcare in Manitoba," says Grande, President and CEO of The Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. "Each year more than one million patients are treated and more than 11,000 babies are born. That is a significant reach."

"Many people may not be aware that these three organizations have long been better working together. It is an incredible partnership, which allows Manitobans the ability to rely on one another."

Having easy access to these centres of excellence means that Manitobans don't often think about the impact medical professionals have on the quality of our lives until faced with crisis. Only when they are faced with the need for care, do they then look back and feel gratitude to all who helped. "Every one of us is touched by one of these three hospitals at various points in our lives," says Barletta.

Lyon adds, "On July 27th, 2002, my parents rolled their vehicle on the #1 Highway. In a typically Manitoban fashion, I got a call from my first cousin, a nurse, who was working that evening. She relayed the severity of the situation; we were on vacation at the time with my sister. We quickly raced home. Just knowing HSC saved their lives motivates me on a daily basis."

"You realize the importance of healthcare when you need it," says Grande. "Recently one of my boys took a heavy hit in hockey. He went right into the boards. When he lay motionless, I felt overwhelmed with a sense of grief, fear and even anger. It was so difficult to feel so helpless as a parent especially when I handed him over to the emergency doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital. He is one of my reasons to live and he was in their care."

He continues, "I'm proud to be part of a health system where we have the best doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and researchers anywhere. Within a few hours, my boy was back with me, cast and all - grinning from ear-to-ear." "Behind the scenes, while loved ones are being treated, the initiatives continue," says Barletta. "This isn't about the quality of your stay, it's about the quality of life you can return to. My mom just turned eighty this past September and if it wasn't for the care she received through the Cardiac Sciences Program at St. Boniface she wouldn't be with us today. Through our donors and lottery ticket sales, we have been able to acquire the cutting-edge research centres, advanced therapies, state-of-the art equipment, and staff needed to be the best we can be."

Lyon agrees, "No one wants to be in the hospital. We strive to create an environment that helps people get in and out, and back to their lives as quickly as possible. Our foundations work to assist the improvement of diagnosis times, as well as treatment and recovery, at every stage." "As Father's day approaches, I am reminded how blessed I am to be a father," says Grande. "I try hard every day to be the best dad I can, and I am thankful for all the people that were there to help me along this journey like our Children's Hospital."

By simply supporting the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery, you are creating the best medical care. When you need that care the most, you can know you made a difference. The prizes available to be won are the most remarkable yet, including seven Grand Prize choices, ranging from jaw-dropping homes to a custom-built, 1,700 sq. ft. dream cottage, to a beautiful Surfside Yacht Suite with views of the Pacific Ocean, or tax-free cash. From boats and vehicles, to travel, and gift cards. The possibilities are endless.

"Fundraising affords foundations the ability to acquire stateof- the art equipment, but also attract world-class medical professionals who are the best in their field," says Lyon. He continues, "Thanks to the many Manitobans who step up to make change happen, we all benefit from and appreciate your generosity."

Don't wait until after you've been in an extreme situation to give back. Live your life as a legacy today by supporting the Tri-Hospital Dream Lottery.

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Gianna (2019 Champion Child for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba) and her family (Phil, Tes and Milan)

Gianna (2019 Champion Child for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba) and her family (Phil, Tes and Milan)


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