Loved. Revered. Adored.

February is closely connected to cinnamon hearts and cards passed out by children in classrooms. It’s rich in the language of love and lore about long-time lovers and star struck couples. A couple of years ago, I decided to try and infuse more love into everything I do, into all of the conversations I have and the many ways I interact in the world. This way of thinking has flowed into my creative projects at home, but especially at work.

Last January, my grandmother turned 91. She is slight and practical with a resourcefulness like few others. When I was younger, she worked full-time for the reeve in town, planted and reaped plenty of produce from her garden and kneaded bread with her hands. She kept a coop full of chickens and she tricked herself into loving whole-heartedly each day.

I can still see her buttoning up her blouse, fingers nicked and veiny, as she slipped into her rubber boots, headed out the back door and into to the yard. Her love language came in the form of homemade raspberry jam and knit slippers. She sang us to sleep and covered us up in quilts made with love.

Like the way in which we all give and express love differently, my grandmother’s love was often set to music, wrapped in humility and given without expectation. Brand love and the way we execute our ‘why’ is no different. For example, certain brands tell others about who we are with deeply discounted prices. Some partner up with influencers and hope by association you too will fall in love with them. And, for others still, it’s in their words and messaging that they share with their brand fans all that they stand for.

In the spirit of love, we at the Advertising Department are wishing you a month infused with more of what makes your heart skip a beat. Like local meats free from nitrates and cheeses made on the prairies. We are loving the partnerships that seem to be unfolding before our noses with local candle companies and really cool Manitobans. We can’t seem to get enough of all things sweet that are whisked, caked and made in little bakeshops and confectionaries around town.

And naturally, we are loving the increased awareness about what it takes to market a brand. I have had the fortune of working with some of the cities’ best, and for that I am lucky. The way local businesses are using the Free Press Digital Department to go to social media has been fantastic. And the results? Even more amazing.

We love that you are using our platform as a vehicle to share your stories and events, feature products and educating consumers about what’s on trend, what’s changing and what’s different about the way your product is made, or your company does business.

Seriously, we dig cute reusable bags and travel mugs that brag about your superpowers, like the fact that you’re a nurse, or parent of an honour roll student. We also love days in the sun and grandmas. Next weekend, if Cupid happens to miss your enterprise, call us, we can help.


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