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This year should be a year of celebration.

"2021 marks 150 years of compassionate care at St. Boniface Hospital," said Karen Fowler, Interim President and CEO, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

The pandemic makes celebrations of any kind more difficult. However, Fowler wants to assure you that you can still help provide "excellence in patient care and research at St. Boniface Hospital now, and for another 150 years!" She is excited to share some of the details of the 2021 St. Boniface Hospital Mega Million Choices Lottery.

The Mega Million Choices Lottery delivers again with amazing prizes and unique ways to win! There are six millionaire Grand Prize choices! Homes in Winnipeg and Brandon and the cottage in Clear Lake country are stunning. And an ocean-view yacht suite home on Vancouver Island is breathtaking. Who could forget the $1.2 million in cash?

And as always, every single prize has a cash option! This year, there are more prizes for early buyers, too! Buying early gives you a chance to win various prizes worth over $300,000! Deadline to buy tickets for the Loyalty Bonus Draw is Thursday, January 28, 2021. Naturally, the popular 50/50 Plus returns, where the jackpot can grow to over $2 million (winner takes half)!

The other choices are equally exciting! As the lottery’s motto goes: "When you win, Manitobans win." While you dream over the fantastic bounty available, Fowler reminds Manitobans about the reasons for participation. "The community can be proud of the hospital and the research it does. St. Boniface Hospital was founded by a small group of Grey Nuns, with only four beds. It was also the first hospital in Western Canada. How far it has come!"

Beaming as we chatted over a Zoom call, Fowler spoke of some of the hospital’s accomplishments. Not only has the hospital had a long history of fantastic patient care, its Albrechtsen Research Centre "was declared the number-one research-intensive hospital in Western Canada," said Fowler. Success has become habit for St. Boniface Hospital. They’ve earned the superior ranking for nine years running.

St. Boniface Hospital continues to strive for the perfect blend of compassion and innovation. In 1974 it "opened the first in-hospital palliative care unit in Canada," noted Fowler. Few Manitobans have been untouched by the care and research that St. Boniface Hospital provides. This includes Dylan Hill. In 2016, the healthy, fit 42-year-old man went to see his doctor with a nasty case of pneumonia. What Hill did not expect was being diagnosed at the same time with bicuspid aortic valve disease (BAVD).

"Left untreated, I would die," thought Hill. He was advised to have open-heart surgery, and soon. Hill’s choice was simple: either have the surgery or "leave my wife of 15 years, Sheri, without her husband and our seven-year-old son, Luke, without his dad. I couldn’t let that happen," explained Hill.

Manitobans know Hill is not alone in receiving life-saving care. That’s why we continue to play a huge role helping St. Boniface Hospital provide superb care and invest in world-class research. Fowler was thrilled to announce that since 2012, the Mega Million Choices has raised over "$17 million for patient care and research."

She is grateful to the community – especially during the pandemic. Fowler smiled as she said, "so many individuals and businesses have come out to offer support." Fowler has one big message for everyone: "Thank you to all Manitobans who continue to help build the next 150 years of patient care and research at St. Boniface Hospital!"

Order tickets online at or call (204) 256-7203 or 1-855-256-7203. Loyalty Bonus Draw deadline for buyers is January 28, 2021. Final draw scheduled for April 8, 2021.

Please visit the website for further details about the ticket prices, prizes, lottery rules and deadlines.

Covid-19 restrictions may affect the possibility of in-person sales (consult the website for further assistance).

Good luck to all!

Thanks to your support of the St. Boniface Hospital Mega Million Choices Lottery, Sheri still has her husband, and Luke still has his dad.

Thanks to your support of the St. Boniface Hospital Mega Million Choices Lottery, Sheri still has her husband, and Luke still has his dad.


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