Modern Yet Natural Living in Prairie Pointe

A Ladco Development

Whether you are looking to rent or own, selecting your next home is one part of a move. The other is the community in which you choose to live.

Prairie Pointe is where modern living meets natural, prairie landscapes. Located in the southwest corner, it's one of Winnipeg's newest neighbourhoods. Designed with a mixture of housing options as well as upcoming commercial and retail spaces and scenic landscapes, it has everything to offer; the area is decorated with naturalized ponds, parks and pathways making Prairie Pointe easily among one of the most desirable emerging neighbourhoods. In fact, when complete, Prairie Pointe will feature more than 500 acres of residential area including nearly 60 acres of designated green space.

The development is thanks to Ladco Company Limited (Ladco) - a privately owned, community-minded local corporation that employs more than 600 Manitobans. Founded in 1919 by John Henry Borger (Borland Construction Inc.), today Ladco has diversified interests in land development, commercial and residential real estate, property management, heavy construction and building products, as well as hospitality (Holiday Inn Airport West).

100 years in business esteems Ladco as a company with history and vision. Built on integrity, they are committed to building communities rooted in innovation and functionality. They achieve these outcomes by working in the trenches with trusted homebuilders, the City of Winnipeg, and community stakeholders such as residents groups, community centres and local school divisions.

Some of their most notable projects include Windsor Park – the first master planned community in the city, Southdale, Royalwood - the first community to incorporate native plants into their land drainage scheme, as well as Fort Richmond and Richmond West, including the redevelopment of both Fort Richmond and Richmond West Plazas.

Mike Carruthers, manager of land development, says, "Prairie Pointe is the western sibling to South Pointe. Housing in South Pointe is almost entirely built out as it has been operational since 2008; however in both communities, we have worked hard to enhance modern prairie living."

One way that Ladco has achieved that outcome is by integrating natural creek drainage merged with state of the art engineering. The land drainage system replicates a natural wetland ecosystem creating what appears to be natural water bodies; a development approach perfected by Native Plant Solutions, that includes native grasses and prairie plants, helps to fend off algae, is drought tolerant and works to deter pesky geese. Furthermore, is fully accessible to the public along long linear parkways.

"Ladco brought storm water retention lakes to Southdale," says Carruthers, "and was the first to use native plants in the community of Royalwood, not to mention the first to make the lakes fully accessible to the public in South Pointe with paths along the entire length of the lakes with seating and viewing areas. These are great places to see nature up close."

With everything from rental properties (Brio Brownstones), to townhome condos under development (Castlebrook Pointe), to duplexes, single family homes, right up to custom built amenity homes now available, Prairie Pointe really does offer a housing option for everyone.

"Prairie Pointe offers a wide variety of new home options, plus the control to build whatever house you wish. We partner with some of the best home builders in Manitoba who are all members of the Manitoba Home Builders Association, all are COR Safety Certified and have comprehensive home warranty programs. "

On top of innovation and quality you can build a life upon, Prairie Pointe is equipped with unique amenities such as a beautiful five-acre park with a large playground to be under construction on Eaglewood Drive in the spring.

The recreation area will include a fire pit and picnic shelter for family outings - complete with a seating area for small gatherings. The park will have a large, wide-open field for playing a game of soccer or cricket. As well, a future park area will include walking paths along the lake and an active transportation trail for long meandering journeys. Look for this in 2020.

As far as the commercial sector goes, Carruthers says, "We are in the development planning stages. More details will come forward as plans unfold."

With modern amenities, natural landscapes and the freedom to choose, Prairie Pointe is a destination for those new to the city as well as individuals and families looking to upgrade their quality of life. To learn more about your options, visit today.



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