Proud and Free

Celebrating Canada Day in the heart of Winnipeg



This weekend, as you celebrate Canada's birthday, may you think fondly about the freedoms you especially enjoy. May you hop on a bike or train, in a car or a canoe and explore all things maple-infused, all things beautiful.

Canada is an arras of ethnicities and customs. It is a meshing of hearts and traditions. Right here in Manitoba, our pride and freedom is expressed in many fashions, but especially at The Forks. A meeting place for more than 6,000 years, it is a destination designed to liberate your soul, make you proud to say, "This is home."

From programming to the partnerships, from dining to shopping, from art to the arts, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to Manitoba Theatre for Young People, many people — locals and tourists alike — congregate where the Assiniboine meets the mighty Red. Inn at the Forks is a locally owned hotel that has been in the hospitality business since 1937. And so it's no surprise that at such a juncture, they are located at the heart of where togetherness meets. In fact, surrounded by culture and culinary vastness, from the 'Inn, you can access St. Boniface or the historic Exchange. You can rewind time at the Rivestone Spa; you can rest your weary bones.

"We pride ourselves on the partnerships we carefully curate," says Joel Waterman, general manager. Built to enhance everything local, the hotel offers a 6:30 a.m. guided 5k run on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for hotel guests through downtown; led by a volunteer concierge. In kind, they make a donation to the Fort Garry Women's Resource Centre (FGWRC); a non-profit organization committed to creating a community where women and children are safe, healthy, valued and empowered.

They have a garden onsite that is open to anyone passing by, a valueadded service they offer guests is bicycles to explore the area and they will even pack you up a picnic basket lunch from the revered Smith restaurant.

Their entertainment is a line up of local talent every Friday and Saturday evening in the restaurant, they sell 'Made in Manitoba' wares in the spa including Coal and Canary and Clay Soap, and their respected executive chef, Barry Saunders, has not only provided tutelage to some of the cities best, but his menu features seasonally inspired dishes alongside craft cocktails.

As understated as the area itself, Inn at the Forks is a pathway to staying at home, feeling proud and devouring everything delicious and free. So book a stay, spread out a basket and celebrate.


Manitoba Fashioned
Northern Harvest Rye, Maple, Bitters, Garnished with Saskatoon Berries


Under The Red Umbrellas • Wayne Purvis

Winnipeg Icons • Dale Turner

Canada Day at The Forks promises to be another captivating celebration of culture, entertainment, dining, and of course, the arts. The vibe is electric and the energy unparalleled. Pulse Gallery, located in the Johnston Terminal, is a venue unto itself - showcasing original work created by some of Manitoba’s finest artists and artisans. Thomas Merton said, "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Get lost or found — on July 1st and all year long — by escaping the office, the crowds or the mundane, one work of art at a time.





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