Stay Chill This Holiday Season

While the holiday season is designed for jubilations, it can also be a busier time than most. If you’re one who doles out gifts, dollars tend to follow. With extra commitments and the same number of hours in a day, extra snacks and treats aplenty - but fewer windows of opportunity to get to the gym - the holidays can wreak havoc on our bodies and our minds.

To get maximum joy out of the next six weeks, be as present as possible in all aspects of your life; pay attention to what matters most and look for signs that you or a loved one is overdoing it.

Many children go from adorable to intolerable in just a few minutes when they are exhausted and need to rest. Pay attention to your body; know when you’ve had enough stimuli or saucy dips.

And if you’ve committed to a budget, be accountable. Anyone who has ever shopped at bulk stores knows how easy it is to go in to purchase a few items and walk out with extra everything you don’t need. To coin an old carol, make a list and check it twice.

And check in on those who tend to need more care at this time of year, such as our parents, senior neighbours and local charities, soup kitchens, shelters. Not only will your heart feel good, but so too will those on the receiving end.

From left: Rasha Kossad, Client services; Philip Dunn, Audiologist; Kerry Holden, Hearing Instrument Practitioner; Leslie Holden, Hearing Instrument Practitioner; Candice Holden, Hearing Instrument Practitioner; Rita Sagriotis, Hearing Instrument Practitioner


Leslie Holden, owner of Polo Park Hearing Centre knows all too well the struggles of the holidays. Entrepreneur, mother, grandmother and philanthropist, she sees clients who have found the season stressful - that is until they addressed their hearing loss.

"It’s life changing for people who have struggled to socialize with others. Hearing loss can be isolating, depressing, adding an additional level of stress to the season. But it doesn’t have to be."

The auditory sense is an equal part of living fully. Its impairment affects learning, speech, and can impact the health of our relationships.

"Watching people hear for the first time is magical," she says. Holden, who works with her two daughters has spent the past fifteen years doing mission work in third world countries to give the gift of hearing.

This season, check in on those you love. Make good health a priority to fend off feeling overwhelmed or depleted. And look after yourself. If you need to, schedule in a spin class, or a skin treatment; pause to enjoy merriment, wrap presents in your pjs, and just be sure to slow down to appreciate your blessings.

Do you hear what I hear?

Conveniently located in the lower level of CF Polo Park, Polo Park Hearing Centre has four dispensers, plus an audiologist, elevator access and offers house calls. Family owned and operated, they treat their clients like one of their own. This season let them take care of all your hearing needs. Whether that necessity is for your child or your parent, hearing loss can impede a social gather or family dinner. Stay connected, give the gift of hearing this holiday.

Polo Park Shopping Centre, lower level


The holidays can be a hectic time of year, so plan to take off the pressure whenever you can. Pro tip for meals: Have dinner for everyone on your guest list delivered from local favourites and popular chains through the DoorDash app or at With free delivery on all orders over $10 for the first 30 days, you’ve got nothing to lose, but the time. So shop until you drop and then order up appetizers or family-style dishes such as pastas and pizzas to keep your energy high. Sure to please every dietary restriction, check out DoorDash for tons of delivery options this holiday season.

Stay cool with a Winter Warmer

Want to keep warm on a chilly night? A spiced wine cocktail, made with our Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon will do the trick. Steaming mugs of mulled wine are the ultimate winter warmer, a social cold-weather equivalent to summertime’s chilled white wines and pitchers of cocktails. Woodbridge’s quaffable Cabernet Sauvignon, with its bold fruitiness, is the perfect starting point for your next batch. Now sit back and relax!

For our scrumptious Mulled Wine Cocktail recipe, visit

Set a date to rejuvenate

Did you ask Santa to stop time this season? When we are tired and stressed, not drinking enough water or getting the proper nutrition, it shows. Especially here on the prairies with cold, dry winters. Evelyn Erickson is a registered nurse, with over 35 years experience. A skilled phlebotomist and intravenous therapist, she is certified in reticular and spider vein removal, neuromodular treatments (dysport/BOTOX®), facial fillers (restylane/JUVEDERM®) and medical skincare to decrease signs of aging (OxyGeneo™ 3-1 Superfacials). This holiday season let Evelyn use her expertise and experience to rejuvenate your beauty!



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