Summer is officially here.

Gardeners delight in the season.

The past few weeks our seeds have sprouted; seedlings have matured, and we now witness the color and texture from the plants we have growing amongst the backdrop of our landscapes.

Annuals and perennials work unaccompanied or in combinations to accent our yards.  Color; based usually on personal preference is viewed now in balance with the scale of the property, as well as the flow and form of its use.   Annuals show well in containers as well as in garden beds, complementing and accented spaces.  Historically, perennial plants have been used in garden beds but over the past few years some are taking centre stage also in containers.  Perennial foliage has been trending paired with annuals in containers.  It is the unique leaf pattern or color; or growth habit of perennials which make them sought after for pairing in containers.  The benefit of perennial use in containers is the understanding that they may be planted at a later date into garden beds in the fall to winter them.

Annual plants accent locations with "pops" of color; used either in containers of planted in garden beds as small plantings or mass plantings.  The impact with flowering annuals in the landscape creates a stunning effect.   Perennials, though they only flower during specific months are used similarly with the added benefit of reappearing in the garden on a yearly basis.  Perennials can sometimes be encouraged to re-bloom while some varieties are bred to be re-blooming or have extended blooming habits.

As folks see the effect with the use of annuals and perennials early summer there is often the question asked, "Is it too late to plant?"

Is it late? – No, it is not.  Often planting of annuals continues well through the summer and even into the fall as there is a passion for a floral show around one's home.  Some annuals may need replacing at certain stages of their life span; some added to create a different theme as is often done in the fall with the addition of garden mums.  Or it may be that special occasion during the summer months which may require additional touches added to the patio or garden.

Perennial plantings continue too as we see new spots to develop in our yards, find spot which need filling, or as we find new perennial selections that we cannot resist.  Each visit to a garden centre's perennial department reveals new finds; as not all the selections would be in bloom or showing their potential during the earlier months. 

What of trees and shrubs?   Planting of these continue too.  Historically, trees and shrubs had to harvested either in fall or spring then potted in sequence to sell them during a season.  This practice has made headway and many trees and shrubs have been grown in containers making them available for planting anytime.

Planting anytime requires the practice of making sure plants get established from the very start. The root systems need to get developed.   Adding amendments like bonemeal or root stimulants like MYKE enhances the root growth of your new plants. Like building a new home, the foundation is key.  With all plants; the foundation is the root system.

Gardening continues all summer long.  St. Mary's Nursery & Garden Centre can guide you with selections of trees, shrubs, perennials and annual selections for any season of gardening you require.   St. Mary's Nursery & Garden Centre has been making gardens and landscapes beautiful for 33 years.


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