The Southdale Grand Opening Story

Winnipeg, you’ve waited a long time to experience what a Red River Co-op food store is all about.  Well, good things come to those who wait.  We’ve "freshened" up our Southdale location so you can get to know YOUR Red River Co-op food store.

What makes your Co-op grocery store just a little bit different?  Your Co-op food store doesn’t profit off their members – we can’t!  Just as Red River Co-op has been doing for 80 years, your food store profits are re-invested into your co-op, your community and returned to YOU… our members.  We call it "A Co-op Thing".

Aside from the Co-op difference, you’re going to notice some other pretty neat differences in your Southdale Co-op food store!


  • We’ve placed our Pharmacy smack-dab in the middle of our store.  Your health and well-being is at the centre of your life and that’s reflected in your Co-op.  Pharmacists like Julia and Phuong are here for you.
  • Your Co-op still provides the quality cuts of meat you’ve come to expect from Michael, our Southdale in-store butcher who will make your cut to order!  We’ve added a dry-aged beef case and 16 feet of fresh seafood and triple A beef to help you serve the finest quality meat to your friends and family.
  • Your Red River Co-op deli has expanded to include sushi, salad bar, noodle bar, curry and olive bars – not to mention a made-to-order sandwich bar and deli meats roasted right on sight.  You can’t miss Co-op’s wall of cheese and our wing bar to delight even the most discerning palate.
  • Our bakery still delivers on the promises you’ve come to expect from your Red River Co-op like "fresh at 4" fresh French loaves waiting for your dinner table.  Enjoy our expanded selection of artisan breads or order a specialty cake from Colleen our baker.  She even uses fresh melted chocolate on many of her baked treats.
  • Speaking of treats… your food shopping experience just got tastier with the old-fashioned tastiness of popcorn, cotton candy and fudge ready for you right in-store.
  • Your Co-op provides fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers like Schreimers.  In fact you’ll find Winnipeg’s largest selection of locally grown produce. 
  • TRULY LOCAL – that’s what your Red River Co-op is all about!  From Rye bread from City and Natural baker to Bagels from Gunns baker to local Winkler sausage, your Co-op continues to support Winnipeggers just like they have since 1937.

Winnipeg, you deserve a different kind of grocery store – a food co-op and Red River Co-op is excited to finally bring it to you.  We had to find the right locations and do some sprucing up for you, but some things are worth the wait.

We want to thank you for your patience during our renovation and invite you to the grand opening celebration of our Southdale location on Saturday, September 9th and every day after that.  Our staff of owners are ready to show you why co-ops matter and give you a taste of a Co-op thing!

During our grand opening, we will be celebrating big-time at our Southdale location with deals like:

Dairyland 946 ml chocolate milk $1.00

Astro Yogurt 750 gram (assorted sizes) $1.00

Sponge Towels (6 roll) $3.99

Centisbles 900 gram coffee tin $4.99 

And if you can’t get to our Southdale food store, you can still join in the celebrations!  This week only, Red River Co-op food stores will be offering $25 off any $200 grocery purchase and Co-op gas bars are discounting car washes to $10 for a regular wash.

So if you were waiting to stock up for Back to School… now’s the time to do it!

Red River Co-op’s freshening up for you, Winnipeg!  Come and celebrate the grand re-opening of our Southdale location.



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