Warming up to winter

At a time of year when the weather is cold and there is plenty of debate in the world, October is a model month for doing just about everything that makes you feel warm, and cozy.

I’m hoping you read our last feature where we shared with you a small slice of incredible people who are making a difference. It was a feature about women who are doing it all — and doing so, with love and compassion.

I urge you to be inspired by their actions and put a little extra kindness into your wellness bank. Here are a few options I’ve dreamed up to nurture your prairie soul.

If you are lucky enough to have a warm home, I’d say you’re lucky enough. But if you happen to have a fireplace, turn it on or light it up, and spend some time appreciating the heat it throws. Just feeling warm on an icy day can make the difference between feeling finished or ready to tackle another task. Throws too can be a comfortable companion — like a furry friend —to braving a new season.

Sip toddys made with Manitoba honey and let the rush of your days melt from your cells. Bring out the board games or pull out a pen and tackle today’s crossword. But be warned, using your brain in a manner that is unrelated to work may induce restfulness. A few features back I encouraged you to unearth your favourite recipes and get cooking. Food is an immensely pleasurably way to pass time in colder months. Try baking bread from scratch. Enjoy the feeling as you knead the dough; watch it rise and while its still warm, mop it up with salted butter or a summer jam. Learn how to braise a piece of beef. Slow roast a chicken or master making homemade pizza. Whether it’s a perfect 10 or not worthy of the ‘Gram, it’s sure to be a delicious way to spend a few hours.

Find the love you seek, by first
finding the love within yourself.
Learn to rest in that place within
you that is your true home.

— Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Besides, the act of making and enjoying food with your favourite humans is one of the easiest ways to satiate your body and mind.

Recently, while on the phone with one of our clients, I overheard Myles Jones singing in the background and thought, "Yes!" Music has a way of mellowing a mood.

Meet friends after work in a laid-back lounge and enrol in a workshop or class. Support the arts and go to the Orchestra, Opera or Symphony – all outlets guaranteed to up your vibe. Humans are made to weather storms; last weekend’s wet and snowy conditions that knocked down both trees and power lines proved that. Proverbial or otherwise, prairie people in particular are a heartier than average bunch. Still, from time to time, it’s wise to put a little extra wellness in the tank.

Comfort can come in many forms. From social engagements to stillness, from the smell of baking in the oven to knowing you volunteered your time and helped a worthy cause. From singing aloud to sipping mulled cider, whatever warms the cockles of your heart, my suggestion is to do it and do it often to fend off what could potentially manifest as the winter blues.


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