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MHBA show homes continue to shine after Parade

Todd Lewys / Winnipeg Free Press

Many of the stunning show homes displayed in the MHBA’s Spring Parade of Homes are still available for viewing.

Manitoba’s residential construction awards season is in full swing following another very successful Spring Parade of Homes. Last month, the MHBA presented the 2022 New Home Sales Agent Awards to this year’s outstanding new home sales agents at the 2022 Spring Parade of Homes Reception. On May 19, the MHBA’s Renovation of the Year Awards will recognize the best home renovation projects completed over this past year. These events recognize the best of the best in new home sales, new home construction and home renovations in our province and focus attention on the tremendous work and that amazing projects that our industry has done over the past year.

Manitoba’s Spring Parade of Homes, along with the Winnipeg Renovation Show and the Winnipeg Home and Garden Show, are spectacular showcase events for the Manitoba residential construction industry in the late Winter and early Spring as people prepare and plan for the upcoming construction season. The Parade of Homes especially showcases the MHBA’s home building members, allowing new home buyers a unique chance to see the latest in new home options and the newest trends in home style and design. Most people aren’t aware that Manitoba’s Parade of Homes are the largest parades in Canada, bigger than the Parades put on anywhere else in Canada.

While the MHBA’s Parade of Homes receive a lot attention while they are in full swing, it’s important to remember that the show homes featured in the Parade are open year-round. The spring and summer months provide a great opportunity for new home buyers to visit show homes in between the Spring and Fall Parades. Traffic will be a little lighter and parking a little easier to find at show homes during this time of year. Visiting during the summer months also allows you to see many of the home features, like the air conditioning, in full operation.

So where can you find out information on show home locations and hours? You can visit the MHBA website at and click on the “Parade of Homes” tab. There you can find all of the Parade of Home show homes with contact information to set up a private viewing. As well, you can find a digital version of the most recent Parade magazine. You can also find a full listing of the MHBA’s Sales Award winners for new home sales agents as well.

Show homes featured in the MHBA Parade of Homes are open for business year-round for your viewing and visiting pleasure. The spring and summer months are a great time to visit these show homes to see what’s new in home design. Our members look forward to your visit!

Lanny McInnes is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.


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