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No off-season for these show homes

Latest and greatest from MHBA's fall, spring parades open year-round

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The winter months between the fall and spring parades of homes are still a great time to check out the popular events’ show homes.

Manitoba’s spring and fall parades of homes are spectacular showcase events for the Manitoba residential construction industry.

The parades showcase the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association home-building members, allow new homebuyers a chance to see the latest in new home options and give consumers a great opportunity to see the newest trends in home style and design.

These three-week events take place in March and September each year.

Most people aren’t aware that Manitoba’s parades of homes are the largest such parades in the country — bigger than the parades put on anywhere else in Canada.

The MHBA Spring Parade of Homes, held March 3-25 this past spring, featured an amazing 140 new homes to view in Winnipeg, Brandon and surrounding communities in the capital region, and the MHBA Fall Parade of Homes, held Sept. 8-30, was just as big.

Nowhere else in Canada do homebuyers have the opportunity to visit this many unique show homes to gain ideas on how and where to build their new dream home.

While the two events receive a lot of attention when they are in full swing, it’s important to remember that the show homes featured in our parades of homes are open far more than just twice a year.

The winter months provide a great opportunity for new homebuyers to visit show homes in between the spring and fall parades.

Traffic will be a little lighter and parking a little easier to find at show homes during the winter months.

Visiting at this time of year also allows you to see many of the homes’ features — such as the heating system and the outdoor lights — in full operation.

So, where can you find out information on show home locations and hours?

You can visit the MHBA website at and click on the "Parade of Homes" tab.

There, you can find a full listing of all Parade of Homes show homes as well as a digital version of the most recent Parade of Homes magazine.

On the Parade of Homes page, you will find a full listing of the award-winning homes featured in this year’s fall parade, along with a listing of the MHBA’s Sales Award winners for new home sales agents.

When you click on the "Show Homes" tab on the MHBA website, you’ll find a full list of parade show homes right across the province.

Our easy-to-use map allows you to see where show homes are located and how to contact builders to set up viewings.

Show homes featured in the MHBA parades of homes are open for business year-round for your viewing and visiting pleasure.

The winter months are a great time to visit these show homes to see what’s new in home design and to start planning to build your new dream home next year.

Our members look forward to your visit!

Lanny McInnes is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.


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