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How to get the most out of the Spring Parade of Homes


209 Bonaventure Drive East in Sage Creek, by Gino's Homes is featured in the Spring Parade of Homes.

The first week of the Spring Parade of Homes has concluded and the favourable weather has resulted in tremendous crowds visiting the new show homes. Each year, we print a primer for Parade attendees, with just a couple of tips to help you maximize your enjoyment. For the benefit of Parade veteran and rookie attendees, the Manitoba Home Builders Association offers the following suggestions for a successful Parade.

Wear comfortable slip-on shoes

There are 132 fantastic new homes available to visit. Although you likely won’t get to all of them, you will find yourself trying to get to as many as possible. Many of the neighbourhoods have multiple homes being shown and you will probably park in one location and walk to all of the homes.

The developers have been doing their best to clear snow in order to maximize good parking. Upon entering each new home, you must take off your street shoes before touring. Therefore, be sure to wear a comfortable walking shoe that easily slips on and off. I know that I keep a pair of loafers and even some duck boots in my car during the three weeks of Parade. It will make your visit that much more enjoyable and function comes before fashion when you have to take your shoes off anyway.

Map a strategy

If you have a particular destination site, make sure you look for additional homes along the way to visit. Many of the subdivisions are in close proximity to each other and it’s easy to get to a number of them in one tour.

Don’t forget the one-offs

Although there is tremendous variety in those subdivisions that have multiple homes, make sure to visit those areas with a single listing. There are entire new neighbourhoods to discover and builders with unique designs.

Talk to the agents

The sales agents know their show homes. Ask them about anything — unique features, energy savings, specific materials and what makes this particular home special. These individuals have a wealth of knowledge and, if they don’t have the answer, they will find out and get back to you in short order.

Share your favourites

Why not tell your friends and followers about your Parade experience. Bring your phone, tell everyone where you are and what you think of the fabulous new homes you visit.

Have fun

The Parade of Homes is an enjoyable three weeks where you can see the latest and greatest in new homes. It’s all about what interests you.

Mike Moore is president of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.


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