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The Big Sleepover

Guest beds made for grownups

Creating a comfortable nest for overnight guests is all about the small details — and one big one.

A bedside table big enough to hold a book and small necessities, a reading lamp that casts sufficient light, and good quality pillows and bedding are mandatory.

Optional extras might include blackout curtains to promote better sleep, coupled with a motion-activated night light for safety.

It's not necessary to go the full Martha, but it would be nice to provide a bed you'd like to snuggle up in yourself.

Mail-order beds that roll up to fit in a box or hockey bag are a surprisingly luxurious option, and top mattress makers Endy and Casper have expanded their product lines to include bedding and accessories. Canadian company Endy uses a unique foam formula that won't sag in hot weather, or firm up when it's cold. Its duvet covers are similarly high-tech, incorporating material designed to regulate body temperature.

U.S.-based Casper partners with The Bay, EQ3 and other Canadian retailers to deliver mattresses made from high-density memory foam, or a combination of foam and gel pods. Casper has its own temperature-regulating bedding, and just about everything else you could want in a bedroom, including nightstands, headboards and ultra-cool lamps called Glow. Completely portable, Glow is bright enough to read by, but it dims down gradually and fades to black after 45 minutes. Sounds like an ideal solution for kids' rooms too.


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