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A million dollars could buy you this house

Bella's Castle, a downtown Morden B&B, hotel and wedding venue, is for sale


Bella’s Castle is a vintage home in Morden that’s being used as a hospitality, wedding and catering business, but owner Lily Krushel is selling it to spend more time with her family.

If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a house. OK, with all due respect to the Barenaked Ladies, I’d probably buy this one for myself.

Actually, it’s more of a castle, hence the name Bella’s Castle, which is a stunning vintage home now starring as a bed and breakfast, hotel and wedding and catering business in beautiful downtown Morden.

I first told you about this great escape right here in my column a couple of years ago, following which, owner Lily Krushel tells me, Bella’s became even more popular and remains so to this day — which is part of the reason it is for sale.

Krushel is also a teacher, and nobody needs two full-time jobs. She’s running out of steam. Such a busy world we live in. I’m sure many of you can relate to her rationale for choosing to let this part of her life go.

"I will really miss Bella’s and as I think about all the amazing people I got to meet during the journey of being a hostess, my eyes are teary. We are so proud of this amazing place we have created," Krushel says.

"The team is my family, the best friends I could ever have dreamt of having. I honestly love it, but what I love more are my kids and husband. Because of my schedule, I’m just not able to give them the love and attention they so deserve, and that is not fair to them."

There’s nothing wrong with keeping busy, but the amount of time Krushel has been spending juggling all her responsibilities is enough to make me need a nap.

"Four days a week I am teaching, three days I am catching up on the castle," she says.

"I just never have enough time for my family or myself. This has been one of the toughest decisions of my life, accepting that you just can’t do it all."

Thanks for sharing, Lily. Your courage in taking this huge family step is admirable and may even encourage others living a similarly intense lifestyle to pause, prioritize and redirect.

Who knows, maybe there’s a busy couple out there ready to step away from the daily corporate grind and into the guaranteed magic that owning Bella’s Castle brings.

"Bella’s is more than just a restaurant, B&B or wedding venue; it is a place where relationships start, love blossoms and friendships are made. We had newlyweds come and stay at the castle for their honeymoon, and a year later, they came back with their precious baby girl, Ariella, for a medieval feast," Krushel says.

Romance lives!

I would LOVE IT if someone reading this was inspired to buy Bella’s Castle and start a whole new magnificent chapter in their lives, because I’m sure that would mean I’d get to stay free whenever I want — which seems more than fair, if you ask me.

"We are looking for like-minded people who will continue the business," Krushel says, "and I will be more than happy to help with the transition."

It’s all available for a cool million — the business, the furniture, the decor, the wedding tent, all the equipment, lock, stock and barrel — for more information, you can contact Lily Krushel at

So far I’ve saved up enough money to buy a nice Reliant automobile... but a guy can dream.

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