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Chick With A Brush has the creative touch

Winnipegger's business built on decades of experience in painting and remodelling

Laurie Mustard / Winnipeg Free Press

Stacey Bugsdrucker painted this garage, then added the finishing touch — an antique horse harness mounted above the garage door.

So how did Winnipegger Stacey Bugsdrucker become Chick With A Brush?

Easy. She followed famous New York Yankee Yogi Berra’s unforgettable advice, "When you come to the fork in the road, take it" — so on International Women’s Day back on March 8, 2016, she launched her own business.

Prior to establishing her company, Bugsdrucker paid her dues with 20-some years in the painting and reno world, mixed in with a bit of restaurant serving and modelling, and even a stint as a wrestler.

"I have lots of great memories of the companies and people I’ve worked with, but I just decided it was time to give myself the freedom to be the best I can be, so I made a leap of faith and here I am," she says. "I have so much passion for what I do, now I no longer have to run it through someone else’s filter to get permission to act on a creative idea. I work with my clients to co-plan the best way to achieve their dream, then make it happen. Being your own boss definitely has its perks."

So does that mean she gets someone else to clean the brushes?

"No," Bugsdrucker says with a laugh, "and it’s my absolute least favourite part of this job."

Oops — so what’s your favourite part?

"Well, the freedom is amazing, but I really love being able to take on a project, create a plan, then follow it right through to the end. Before, I was a piece of the machine and seldom got to see the finished product. Now I’m in charge of both the creative part and making sure it gets done right. I love the look on people’s faces at the end of a job, when they’re thanking you for making their dream a reality. So rewarding."

One such moment happened recently when she finished painting a garage, then added a special creative detail. While checking out an old decaying barn at the back of the property, she found a piece of antique horse harness that previous generations might have used. She spiffed it up and mounted it on the front of the newly painted garage. Looks great, brings back some fond memories. Nice touch.

Just a sample of the creativity thatindependence allows to blossom.

Worthy of note: although painting is the core of her business, she also does demolition work, builds stuff from scratch, drywalls, tapes, muds, repairs stucco if needed and more. Her two decades of working with many trades have given her loads of experience and skills to call on when needed.

And painting, definitely painting — this Chick With A Brush can paint residential and commercial with the best of them.

She tackles every job, big or small, with a work ethic and passion she says is inspired by having grown up watching her grandfather, Hans Bugsdrucker, who created amazing things all his life. She speaks with admiration of the beautiful wooden spinning wheel he built from scratch at age 86.

Well done, Grandpa.

Stacey also loves working with wood — and in fact, for those of you distraught over water stains you may have on your otherwise-perfect dining room table, she has perfected a method of making those completely disappear.

You’ll find Bugsdrucker via email at, on Instagram @chickwithabrush1 or by calling 204-290-3471.

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